the yoplait thing


So Yoplait runs this ad —

Send in a Yoplait container top and Yoplait will donate ten cents to breast cancer research for every lid top sent in.

This sounds all smart and caring of the Yoplait folks till you do the math there. A stamp is forty-two cents. So just sending in that lid you spent forty-two cents so that Yoplait would donate ten cents.

Doesn’t it make more sense to donate forty-two cents to cancer research? That is more than four times what mailing that dumb little container top to Yoplait is going to net breast cancer research.


where the art work comes from :
that is from yhsh: idvaad

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  1. Here’s the thing about those lids if I sent them in. It’s either going to be licked clean by myself or the dogs.
    I can’t imagine someone opening that envelope.

    Just can’t. They should just commit to donate the damn money if you buy the product.

  2. Was there any stipulation that it had to be one lid per envelope? Because you could fit many into one envelope, which would then up the donation ratio to be worth it.

  3. max

    There is no rule one top per envelope, I am sure the idea is you buy cases of yoplait and send all the tops in at once which will offset the shipping charges. But I find the concept problematic. Envelopes used. Stamps used. Fossil fuels used. Why not just say, For every yoplait you buy, we will donate ten cents to breast cancer research? Not to mention, yoplait is writing off the tax deduction. So you are licking, saving, enveloping, and what not, to pay for an eventual yoplait tax write off. Which is stupid. Save the postage and the fossil fuels and packaging and just donate direct. Then you can write off the donation.

    I become annoyed when companies allegedly gathering donations for a good cause are actually gathering cash from outsiders and using that cash in big chunks to finance a cash write off. And while that is not strictly the circumstances of the yoplait scenario, since allegedly they do send in their own money not yours? You are spending four times what they send in for them to do it. And that annoys me. And they are using the banner of breast cancer to play this game. Which annoys me more.

  4. I could not agree more. Just donate for every one purchased – it isn’t that hard!!

    Kinda makes you think they don’t *really* want to donate eh? Probably got the idea from your basic Marketing Gimmicks 101 class.

  5. aj

    After Z’s attack on Cadbury, I am too scared to even read this post in case another treasure goes up in smoke for me.

  6. max

    You do not even like yogurt.

  7. aj

    I love yoghurt. It is cottage cheese that you seem to smuggle past your taste buds that I detest.

    Full cream yogurt with passionfruit swirl is by far my favorite if you were wanting to send me a gift voucher or something.

  8. Too bad they don’t have Yoplait drop offs.

  9. max

    I keep coming back to what Kitty said. Who opens the envelopes and handles all the saliva’d yogurt tops?

  10. There is the option of latex gloves.

  11. max

    Yeah but still. Eew.

  12. kittymama

    I Googled “fuck Yoplait” and wound up here. One year, I did this (I only eat Yoplait when it’s cheaper than the store brand, anyway). But now I feel like, “how dare they expect me to spend my precious personal time and limited cognitive powers when they could just make the donation?” Not to mention paper and fossil fuels. They’ll donate $500,000 if they get no lids, and $1,500,000 maximum if they get all the lids in the world. It is merely a way to promote the sale of their yogurt. Fuck Yoplait.

  13. max

    No way that was really the search term?

  14. kittymama

    Because the phrase was in ms. pants’ post of 10/2 — I don’t think it’s a tag, or anything. ;) But yes, it was the search term I chose, figuring I’d find something on the topic.

  15. max

    Ms. Pants always spices things up.

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