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Yez —

I have been going to yoga. Specifically, sweaty yoga. Which means they amp the heat up in the room and you work your ass off for an hour sweating the whole time and by the time it is over, sometimes sweat is coming off me so hard it sounds like rain hitting the mat.

It is surprising I am even in yoga since I had this total war with [freak] yoga people in Northern California which totally set me against yoga. But my friend Kitty said, Hey come to this yoga thing with me, and I love Kitty so I said, Okay. And went. And I like these yoga people and have been going ever since.

And have knocked off six pounds and an inch off my hips.  And an inch off my waist.  And an inch off my thighs.

In eight weeks.

Technically I have lost twelve pounds and was already working towards change when I showed at yoga —

[I was working at coming back after a year and a half plus off because of a shoulder injury, a busted rib, and a broken toe — not to mention an interstate move that disrupted the come back, damn move] —

But yoga totally gets the points for the last six pounds and those inches and also my Pilates stomach is coming back yay!:


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