the waiter


ice skating waiterYou are the waiter —

This is funny as hell to me. Everyone was taking the Nikita Quiz and CriminyJickets comes back with “I am a waiter.”

I think it is made up and call him on it and he says, No, those were really the results : Waiter.

This creates suspicions maybe an important character was nicknamed “Waiter” but I do not think so and also do not care I am having too much fun with the idea you take a quiz, expecting to be some important character. You know, like, you think you are going to be Adama in Battlestar Galactica or River in Serenity or Izzy in Gray’s Anatomy and then your answer comes back, “You are an obscure waiter with no speaking role.”

That is just funny as hell to me.

Then he says, No, Max, “Walter.”

Ooops. Party’s over.


where the art work comes from :
that is ice skating waiter by alfred eisenstaedt

17 Responses to the waiter

  1. Waiter=Walter- that makes sense in a weird way. I mean, what else could a ‘Walter’ be?

    On the other hand, I’m sort of entertainment world illiterate so ” Walter ” is probably some major killer or something right?


  2. max

    He was part of the assassination crew but I do not remember him so well. Waiter would have been way more fun.

  3. You are Martin Blank.
    80’s music fan and hired hit man.
    You can kill without a conscience, but you fall in love too easily. Try to seperate your work from your personal life.

    I have no idea about the waiter thing…

    John Cusack suits me fine.

    Man, I had to follow a few links to find that quiz…

  4. Treasures the moment.

    I made it into a max post

    that’s good living

    hiya max

  5. max

    It was bound to happen.

  6. hey, waiter, walter…i care not…thanks for noticing me. *s*

  7. max

    It is the ass, Criminy. I am susceptible to perfect things.

  8. wasi just objectified? or even better, “do i mind?” thank you max.

  9. Oh no, I forgot who I was on the Grays quiz. Mc Dreamy…..Just kidding!

  10. Tee-hee. Funny. I’m always misreading words. I swear the letters move around on the page.

    I’m TV illiterate, so I didn’t do that quiz… but I’ve been saving this one for you, so you can find out the likelihood of your surviving a zombie apocalypse:

    I have a 41% chance of surviving a Zombie Apocalypse. There’s also a cadaver calculator on the site, so you can find out how much your body is worth. I haven’t done that one, I thought it might be a little depressing.

  11. Kym

    The cadaver quiz called to me (Yes, in a hollow dark voice). I was pleasantly surprised to find out my body is worth over $5500. I shouldn’t have told my oldest son. He looks pleasantly surprised, too. I don’t like the speculative looks he keeps giving me.

  12. max

    I have a 51% chance of surviving a zombie attack. Hmm. Perhaps more weapons….

    I am not posting my cadavar score one of my psycho neighbors could be reading and need beer cash. It is the weekend you know.

  13. MARTIN BLANK!?!?!?! I think I’ve gone lesbian all of a sudden, Vanessa, for lo, I am deeply, deeply in love with Martin Blank.

    Best credit I ever saw was “second fop on the left.” His mother must have been so, so very proud.

  14. max

    Um, Rain? It is not “lesbian” if you touch yourself. There is another word for that.

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  16. …on the floor over here! ” Um, Rain…” Oh jeeze that was funny!

  17. Jeez, I was feeling pretty good about my score. It looks like I will be survived by Max and Raincoaster. Damn.

    At least my body is worth over $4,000. I wonder if I can get an advance on that?

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