the useless park


parkThere is —

A small park in the center of a small city in Northern California. It is very pretty. Pristine. With pretty green grass and pretty little flowers and pretty little benches. Nobody sits on those benches. Nobody sits on the grass. Nobody eats lunch there or visits there. Nobody walks there. It is full of signs. Do not walk on grass. Do not loiter. Do not smoke. Do not eat. Do not drink. Do not skateboard. Do not play music.

It is the most useless park in the world.


where the art work comes from :
that is from sf buckaroo

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  1. Kym

    I read this before I left early Saturday. I pointed it out to a friend who swears he knows the park in question and that its in Sausilito. Mom and I discussed it as we drove through Forest Service roads. And I see it laying here unnoticed and unmarked with comments.

    I just wanted you to know that even though no one took the time to write a response that the ripples from your piece spread outwards across the people I know. Thanks for the starting point to a day of lovely discussions.

  2. There WAS a park like that in Seattle- but there weren’t any signs around it. As the years went on the homeless people and drug people took it over for awhile. Now it’s mostly homeless people that use it.

    I always wondered why the business people and the art people who took the are over on a whole didn’t whine because that’s all they do about the homeless people.

    Then my Dad reminded me that the park is supposed to be the final resting place for one of Seattle’s ‘founding father’s’ kids.


    Local legend says it’s a graveyard- people might not talk about it but the vibe is there I guess.

  3. Oh, it may be empty during the day, but I’m sure the freaks come out at night to play.

  4. max

    Thanks Miss Kym.

    I am pretty sure this park is seriously policed and will never be a spot any “undesirables” frequent — or any people at all. Keeping “undesirables” out was so important to the people who created and police it it will never be frequented by anyone at all.

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