the trouble with the left

One of the problems —

With self described “progressives” is a sense of moral superiority which translates to “I can do no wrong.” For example, the “progressive” man who continued to harass me on Twitter for stating I support Ron Paul. I asked him to stop. He didn’t. Apparently, “no” only means “no” if you are not a progressive with a moral superiority complex. I finally blocked him. He continued his tirade on Facebook. I again asked him to stop. He didn’t. I told him this was harassment. He still didn’t. So I blocked his ass there too.

I think this kind of belligerent “I’m right so you don’t get to say no” attitude is one of the problems with the progressive Left. I say this, being a member of the progressive Left. I get the irony in that. But it translates into the desire to continue massive federal controls on all aspects of life. You can’t let states do what they want because then you wouldn’t be able to impose your moral superiority on every other state in the nation. The cognizance of the fact it’s not always superiority or the progressive agenda that gets imposed makes no difference to them. The fact people in a less progressive state who oppose legalizing marijuana can continue to press for sending federal agents into California to ransack and close down medical marijuana dispensaries even though medical marijuana is legal in California doesn’t seem to penetrate. The fact a federal mandate against same sex marriage would allow the federal government to mass deny all same sex marriages in states that have legalized same sex marriages also makes no impact on the perception, If you just put the federal government in control of everything, everything will be okay because then YOU get to tell everyone else what to do.

Since saying I support Ron Paul, I have been called a racist, an idiot, stupid, ignorant, an enemy to women’s rights, and much worse. And have been harassed and hounded by members of my own progressive community to the point of blocking people after numerous requests they stop.

Dear “Progressive” Left:

“No” does mean “no.”

Harassment is not “moral superiority.” Nor is it justified by the belief your agenda is morally superior.

Harassment for the purpose of enforcing political homogeny and ideology is fascism and bullying.

When did that become okay with the Left?

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