the trouble with exercise


bath by imogen cunninghamThe trouble with exercise is not —

Just that you have to do the freaking exercise. It is all the extra stuff that goes with doing the freaking exercise. Like —

Food. When I exercise I get hungry. I stay hungry. I am hungry. All. The. Time. Which means I have to eat twice as much. Seriously. It is like shoveling coal into an engine.

Which means I have to prepare twice as much food.

Which means I have to wash twice as many dishes.


Then there is sweat. Exercise makes me sweat. It is just a tragic fact. That means, every time I exercise, I have to rip off all my clothes and bathe. This does not just lead to extra bathing. This leads to —

Extra. Laundry.



where the art work comes from :
that is bath by imogen cunningham

25 Responses to the trouble with exercise

  1. Living a healthy lifestyle is a bitch.

  2. Wow. You are so damn right.

    Thanks for convincing us not to exercise.

    You are a saint.

  3. max

    I really hate dishes and laundry.

  4. Max, I’m feeling very sympathetic and compassionate about all the extras that go along with your exercise. Being the good, kind, generous person that I am, I am hereby stepping up to volunteer to help you with this part:

    That means, every time I exercise, I have to rip off all my clothes and bathe.

    Friendship sometimes requires sacrifice and hard work, but I’m there for you.



  5. max

    You are a giver, Janie.

  6. And on even more of an upside, you must get even more exerise hauling your damp clothes in and out of the washing machine, pinnint them up on the line, doing the ironing…

  7. Dominos Pizza
    Problem Solved.

  8. max

    I am doing laundry right now.

    There are stairs too.

    Oh the horror.

  9. aj

    One word: Dishwasher

  10. max

    Does the dishwasher come with hot abs?

  11. I only eat takeout and float around in a miasma of my own stench. Nicely solves the peripheral fitness complications. I call it Shameficancy.

  12. Stiletto

    Oh, quit your whining and just do it!

  13. “I only eat takeout and float around in a miasma of my own stench.”

    I call it…being in love with yourself!

  14. max

    Wow, Valliant, have not seen you in a while.

  15. Guess that cat photo works charms!

  16. max

    Prowl and they will come.

    That or say something about ripping off your clothes.


  17. Valliant has been busy listening to The Eagles.

  18. max

    Also violating every trash chute rule ever written during his move.

  19. Well as long as his place doesn’t look like LK’s. My God I think LK has sold his feng shui’s soul to the devil.

  20. max

    It is probably the influence of the car.

  21. Wow, no one has suggested you should just work out in the nude?

    You guys are slacking, hit the floor and give me twenty. [And don’t think about asking Max to wash your stinkin’ threads.]

  22. max

    Kitty you are so smart.

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