the trouble with blogging


lettersThe trouble with blogging is —

It is all me.

I get totally bored with hearing myself talk sometimes.

There are really clever blogs out there that are community blogs. The first time I saw that I thought, Wow how smart. One person does not have to write every single word and also you can all get sassy throwing comments back and forth.

Tragically, that was not the concept going in here and this is just me.

But. Let’s do something else.

Let’s do letters.

As in from you.

It will be fun. [Well okay it will be fun for me, it may not be fun for you but who cares about you it is my blog.]

Write in at your own peril. I get kind of frisky about letters.

Also if you do not write letters I will make them up and put your name on them so this is something you should do.

Letters go to : blonde_assassin at celluloidblonde dot com.


23 Responses to the trouble with blogging

  1. Homework?
    You’re giving out HOMEWORK?
    Boy Howdy you are a teacher.
    But I think you’re a good one.
    Okay, I’m game.
    Count me in.

  2. It won’t be fun for you. I ramble for pages about the weather in letters. Interesting idea though. I’m in too. Prepare for minute info about the temperature and pressure changes over the last week.

  3. ooo – letters! That is a great idea.

  4. max

    Hey these letters are supposed to be funny.

  5. I don’t know the weather can be funny…

  6. max

    Wow this has the potential to go tragically awry and in a big way.

  7. Yeah- it’s going to be great.

  8. what’s that……becareful what you ask for….. yeah, that’s the one.
    I am just trying to decide…. about this letter writing…..
    Drunk vs. sober……..hmmmm

  9. max

    I know which I would pick.


  10. aj

    I am taking dibs on the 80-year-old-concerned-with-moral-standards alias, Doris.

  11. max

    Doris is on task and has strict moral fiber.

  12. “Oh. This should be fun,” says the blogger you’ve never heard of before.

  13. max

    “says the blogger you’ve never heard of before”

    I have now.

  14. Hi Tony!
    Max meet Tony- he’s from the dark side o’ the literary world-

  15. max

    Ah. Another dark-sider.

    Hi, Tony. I think I have seen your handle go by in comments at Anita’s.

  16. Uh oh. I’ve been labeled.

  17. I am convinced I should have held out for the ” I will make them up and put your name on it” version…..ummm maybe not…

  18. max

    Ooh la la. Letters are pouring in.

    [hyperbole don’tcha know]

  19. Well. I feel cheated. You said fun not funny.

    And, I see, pithy. Funny and pithy. This could take a while…

  20. max

    I have faith in you.

  21. Also if you do not write letters I will make them up and put your name on them so this is something you should do.

    You were so sassy while I was gone!

  22. I like my own letters

    c q d y j

    sgnd – the one who looks like an elephants backside.

  23. i was asked to join a community blog. I read it. I would chop off my fingers and make soup first.

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