the space time continuum


mirrorThe world as I know if just shifted.

Like a big earthquake thump. Bam!

Jessica Simpson turned down an invitation to the White House.

She did it because she felt it was inappropriate to link a charity she is involved with to a political fundraiser.

Military men, who are in violation of military law when they do it, are appearing at Republican fundraisers.

And little Jessica Simpson just said no.

I suddenly like Jessica Simpson a lot.

snubs republican fundraiser


where the art work comes from :
that is from recycledarea

2 Responses to the space time continuum

  1. Your world hasn’t shifted all THAT much, her Daddy (and manager) just qualified the refusal. The folowwing is from here:,19736,1173688,00.html

    Of President Bush, Joe Simpson added, “We are huge fans of him and of his family, his girls. Jessica loves the heck out of him.”

    So, yeah, the world is back on it’s regualr axis.

  2. max

    Oh. Whew. I thought this was going to require all new shoes.

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