the sleepless in seattle shirt goes poof


clotheslineJeez. It is happening —


My totally favorite shirt is going poof.

This is my Sleepless in Seattle sleep tee. I grabbed it at the Seattle airport on my way to a Squaw Valley mentor gig when I realized [late] I was sharing a house with other mentor types and maybe should have something decorous in the bag to wander about in at odd hours.

And there it was. This gray tee with pink accents that came to my knees and said “Sleepless in Seattle” real big across the front.

[I never would have bought a tee that said “Sleepless in Seattle” on it if I had not been in an airport in a hurry.]

Who knew it would become my favorite?

It did. And I wore it FOR YEARS.

And then —


It started real innocent. Just some fraying around the neck. Then around the sleeves. The material got thinner. I started worrying about it in the wash and putting it in with extra extra delicate delicates.

Now horizonal threads are evaporating in the back. Super interesting horizontal slits are forming in the material.

It can only be a matter of time.


where the art work comes from :
that is hang ’em high by small ape

10 Responses to the sleepless in seattle shirt goes poof

  1. God is sending you a message. He’s saying “go shopping”.

    I always get the best sleep tees from guys I’m dating. I don’t know why, but men’s shirts are just softer than women’s.

  2. max

    Wow that is such a good message.


    Wait, it would be a better message if it was date a cute guy and steal all his shirts for sleep tee’s.

    Yay yay!

  3. Yes, that is ALWAYS the best plan. Also, when your sleep tees wear out you know it’s time to get a new man.

  4. max

    All right. I need volunteers.

  5. Damn Rain that is f**cking pure brilliance!

    You ought to consider a side career as an advice columnist.

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  7. Roberta

    Oh my God…went online to search for another sleepless in Seattle T-shirt to replace the one I bought so many yrs ago in Seattle at the airport, gray w/pink accents…and I love love love it…and have no clue where to find another!

  8. max

    Ah you know my pain.

  9. I have a Sleepless Tee too! How can I get another one without going to the Seattle airport???

  10. Max

    Well if we knew we would not be sobbing in our Cheerios over that shirt going toes up. Clearly we need a covert operator in Seattle to go get us new T’s. If they still have them. It’s been a good bit since the movie came out.

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