the seagull


san francisco seagullNine seagulls —

Just showed up and did an aerial dance outside my window. Now they are doing fly bys in formation.

It used to be I had one seagull visitor regularly about this time of morning. He brought friends today.

It is funny to me to have seagulls in Downtown Hollywood.


where the art work comes from :
that is from aj hourigan

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  1. aj

    Good to see he has finally made some friends. He spent some lonely mornings there for a while.

  2. We have seagulls in Dallas, too. How weird is that?

    Somebody told me that they were from the Great Lakes, and they winter here.

  3. Yeah, my dogs sit at the windows salivating at the birds flying south. I keep opening the doors thinking they need to potty, but it’s all about the birds.

  4. My dogs tag team birds. My blue heeler (old and arthritic) will still spring up and catch them in flight if they are foolish enough to swoop (which happens mostly in the spring when they’re fighting over the birdhouse in the back yard, or sometimes if they get wild around the birdfeeder). After she eats their head and chews them up really well, she loses interest.

    That’s when the yellow lab proudly brings them to me.


  5. aj

    Sheesh. And I thought my dog defeathering birds was bad.

    Dash (the dog) played with a bird in our backyard, using her paws to knock it around the grass until, well, it was bald. Poor little thing was walking around on it’s two legs, wings by it’s side, naked.

    On the upside, it did still have it’s head.

  6. max

    Hey! Hey! No more dog mauling bird stories in the seagull topic. He is the only masculine entity in my mornings quit it.

  7. I guess I won’t tell you about the unlucky bunny paw I found on the patio.

  8. max

    God no. No unlucky bunny stories.

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