the robe goes poof


Oh. My. God.

It is happening again.

My beloved robe.

One day it was a robe.

A soft and fluffy and wonderful robe.

Today it is strings barely held together by a hint terrycloth actually once existed nearby in the space time continuum.


where the art work comes from :
that is from k-poon

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  1. Lately something like this has been happening to my socks, and I usually don’t notice it until I’m changing shoes at the Fred Astaire studio and then everyone can my big toe sticking out or whatever.

  2. Kym

    Yay, time for a trip to Victoria’s Secret! Any excuse for shopping shouldn’t be all bad for you–you like traipsing about buying things.

  3. max

    But I miss my robe.

    Okay I got a new robe and it is nice and I am sure I will grow attached to it over time but I was very attached to my old robe. We had history.

  4. Go naked and you won’t have these problems.

  5. max

    Call me selfish I do not want to make the UPS guy that happy.

  6. I sincerely hope you asked the old robe if getting a new one was okay. I mean, you two sound close and I would hate to think you would make such a decision without first consulting the old robe.

    I mean….that just wouldn’t be cricket, now would it?

  7. max

    I am trying to think whether that is deep Native American philosophy at work Fork or your place is the scary anti-feng-shui zone.

  8. It’s more the deranged atheist/the-carpet-needs-a-vacuum zone.

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