the rib returns


waking iii by mansel daviesThe rib is getting better.

I know this because the tape is driving me crazier than the rib. My poor poor skin. It really does not like tape and tape over extended periods of time makes it madder still.

It has been a couple weeks [no not with the same tape with the same rib dilemma jeez] and I can shift when I am lying in bed and not immediately wake up or curse too.

Cool. I am on the mend.


*taking the trash out is still a real bitch any volunteers?


where the art work comes from :
that is waking up 3 by mansel davies

[you will not find the waking photos on his
commercial site though you will find them

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  1. Doctors no longer tape that kind of thing around here. They’ve determined that it does little if anything to speed recovery, or increase comfort.

  2. max

    They are wrong. It makes movement less painful or I would not be putting up with tape madness.

  3. californiablogging

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Max. We blister from tape and don’t even use the fun band aides or stickers on our skin.

  4. max

    Someday I am going to diagram every part of my body that has been taped, strapped, bandaged and/or sewn back together just to amuse myself. I am pretty sure I could give the mummy some stiff competition the only injury free zone left is portions of my right torso but maybe I should not tempt fate by typing that.

  5. Dan

    Yay for mending. That’s always good news.

    On a more personal note, I’m looking forward to this diagram of which you speak.

  6. max

    Well do not get too excited, I am not posting naked photos or anything here.

  7. Dan

    You wound me.

    I was thinking of a purely analytical cataloging…y’know, for science.

  8. max

    Oh well if it is for science let’s go.

  9. I cracked up on a dirt bike…well, lots of times. But once I landed on my left side and um…you know, was very bad company for awhile.

    I hope you’re mending away.

  10. max

    My best fall was off a tree rope swing above a big drop off. The rope broke. It was about a two story drop. The hip I landed on still is not exactly right.

    It is sure a good thing ten year olds bounce.

  11. sulya

    “I am on the mend.”


  12. Kym

    Dr. Kym’s prescription:

    Less leg lifts, more chocolate.

  13. max

    I am going kind of crazy on the no leg lifts thing. Sigh.

  14. max

    [do not think i have not noticed no volunteers for taking the trash out]

  15. I’ll take out your trash, Max. But only if you finally reveal the mysterious circumstances behind this rib saga!

  16. Kym

    I’m voting for passionate sex with a large man who tied her up with silk neckties but, I’m guessing if that was the case she would be telling us.

  17. Do you strap black tape or red tape?


  18. max

    I am a traditionalist, I go with police crime scene tape.

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