the return of simon's cat


It is the return of Simon’s Cat. Yay!




where that cat comes from :
that cat comes from simon doy

16 Responses to the return of simon’s cat

  1. Clearly a conspiracy to drive their owners mad.

    My cat, Pumpkin, does that all the time. After meowing for what seems an eternity, I open the door and then she has the nerve to make me beg for her to move.

  2. max

    I think cats just like the door open so they could use it if they want. All doors in cat worlds should always be partially open.

  3. I had to put a cat door on my bedroom door so that I could close it (ahem), but the crew can still gain access. This proved much better than constant scratching, rattling, meowing, and huffiness on the other side.

  4. Ok I had to come here to tell you that Pumpkin did just that tonight – scratch, rattle, meow, and huff – while I was all warm and toasty in bed. I be walked across the room and opened the door and there she stood – motionless, silent, defiant…she made me pick her up and carry her to my bed.

    Silly cat. She thinks I won’t stick her on the balcony again!

  5. max

    Stil! You are NOT putting Pumpkin on the balcony.

  6. Oh, she loves it out there! She is one with the concrete! And it’s HUGE!

    [Ok she is snoring so loudly right now. Tempting, tempting]

  7. max

    Not at night it is too cold.

  8. Isn’t she wearing a fur coat?

  9. max

    Well yes but she is too little no surface to mass ratio doy.

  10. “Stil! You are NOT putting Pumpkin on the balcony.”

    No one puts Pumpkin on the balcony…

    *Said in my best Patrick Swayzee voice.

  11. max

    That is very funny Lot.

  12. My cats scratch at the door and at the window when they want in and if I don’t let them in within minutes of being ‘called’ they pee all over the tires on my JEEP.

    And then they sit on the hood and refuse to come in.


  13. max

    You know no one believes those are really cats Anita those are little demons in cat suits.

  14. Max..sshhhh I think they can read.

  15. “No one puts Pumpkin on the balcony…”

    Oh that is funny.

    But sadly, pancreatic cancer put Patrick Swayze in the corner.

    [Ok, bad joke…really BAD joke].

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