the reeses in the freezer


There is a Reeses in the freezer. I am holding out.


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  1. Oh go ahead and eat it.

  2. Dan

    Do it. Do it. You know you want to….

  3. I hope you’re not expecting it to propose….

  4. Kym

    Eat it, then the agony will be over.

    God, you remind me of a tale about a woman saint in the 1300’s. After fasting for days, she would buy a perfect peach–deliciously ripe–and sniff the aroma and touch the sun warmed velvety sides. Then leave it sitting on her board bed while she knelt in prayer all day. Then finally, she would give it to a begger.

    Eat it, saints like that shouldn’t be emulated.

  5. ‘I hope you’re not expecting it to propose….’

    Forkboy, why do you always manage to put a smile on my face?

    Max, look at this way – you’re saving it from freeze burn.

  6. max

    Oh well if it is saving it from freeze burn I guess I had better do the charitable thing.

  7. I’m just here to help.


  8. max

    Fevah you are kidding right?

  9. No I have no idea.I live on a tiny island miles away from anything. I get the general idea that it is a foo item,m that still and kym want you to eat it but I have never seen one in my life. If i was to guess I would say it is chocolate, am I right?
    ps: we only get Indonesian made chocolate here and it tastes bad. I have tried real chocolate before a tourist gave it to me and that was really good.

  10. max

    Ah. Well Wikipedia can explain it better than I can:'s

  11. still frontin’ the Reeses?

  12. Thanks Max I know what they are now, just not what they taste like.

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