the psychic of second avenue


the endThere was this psychic —

She sat in the window once a week in a used clothing store on Second Avenue.

This was in Seattle.

Most days I had dogs with me so I never went in.

But one day I was dog free and did go in.

She wore many bracelets. And had a little card table. And she told me to hold a crystal ball.

After a little while, she took the crystal back and held it in her hands and said I put a lot of energy into that crystal.

Then she told me I had an exciting future in the food service industry and I paid her her ten dollars.


where the art work comes from :
that is the end from arab queen

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  1. That’s great!
    Your blogs always look so nice.
    I wish I could do such an elegant, simple layout.

  2. I work on Second Ave in Seattle- it’s a weird place all by itself- like running under that entire area is the Seattle Underground and Bootlegger doors, up from Second is China Town where this massacare took place in a club back in the 1980’s and down on the corner from there they found a servered human head.

    I say if you go back to 2nd you’ll have many great adventures and see hear a lot of strange stories.

    That was free- though PEZ Donations are always accepted.

  3. What comes first the photo or the post? I like both. I need to see a good psychic, a nap and a dream would do though.

  4. Food service industry?

    I would have paid her extra to come up with something better!

  5. Max, I’ve noticed a lot of your graphics in the last few weeks or so have a lot of black and white with a pinch of bright red in them. Meant to mention that earlier and then I see this one today. What is up, girl?

  6. I second The Bagel of Everything. I love coming here because it is so simple and elegant. Most other blogs (including my own) are verbose and not nearly as visually appealing.

    This site is like a good poem. Imagistic and economical.

  7. max

    Thanks, Channel.

    Kitty, I go through phases where I play with different things.

    Jennifer, usually the story comes first. Sometimes I have an image on my mind a long time though and then the right story comes to put with that image. I guess it varies.

    Anita, I lived on Second Avenue. It was a weird place.

  8. Do not play with sharp objects.

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  10. Wow, there’s a whole Seattle contingent here. I lived there for 7 years… but never near 2nd Ave.

    Funny, while I lived in Seattle, everyone talked about how cool Vancouver is. In Vancouver, everyone talks about how cool Seattle is. Grass is always greener…

  11. max

    Probably I should have gone to Vancouver while I lived in Seattle. It is a much longer trip now which makes it much less likely.

  12. Vancouver Washington?
    No Way…now Vancouver Canada is awesome.
    But Vancouver Washington????

  13. No, haha! I’m in Vancouver, BC. My husband is Canadian.

    Vancouver, BC is awesome. I love living here.

    Whenever I cross the border to the U.S. and I tell them I live in Vancouver, they always ask “Which one?” and I want to say “DUH!” (they sometimes get defensive and go “well, there’s a Vancouver in Washington, too, ya know.”)

    On a side note. I just saw Michael Moore’s new film SiCKO. It was fantastic and the audience was in tears. Frankly, they were quite shocked as well as saddened. You should have heard the gasps.

    I had written in to Michael when he asked for health care stories. Truth is, I would either be blind or bankrupt if I had stayed in the U.S. because of a medical situation I couldn’t afford and my expensive insurance wouldn’t cover.

    This site went up when Bush came into office:
    This site went up by Michael Moore:

    And although I DID happen to meet my husband over the Internet, it is most definitely true love. The healthcare is a happy bonus.

  14. I got to go to a screening for Sikco with members of the Labor Union a couple of weeks ago.

    That movie was Brilliant.

    And you Canadians sure looked good- But you can’t have Moore. He’s ours.


  15. aj

    Who would have thought the fry counter at McDonalds was in your future.

  16. max

    You want I should super size those fries, Ma’am?

  17. in reference to the picture…you called my post disturbing?

  18. max

    Okay I put the other image back.


    Also I am not putting up “grim” till people stop sending me concerned emails you are not the boss of me Miss Kit.

  19. it wasn’t a complaint. it was an observation.

  20. max

    I was originally going to change them out but the post got busted before I did. Channel is quick. Dillemma.

  21. if that was directed at me you’ll be happy to know i have hired an interpreter and will know what it meant within 72 hours

  22. max

    I like men who take their time.

  23. i’d like to be a man who had more of it

  24. max

    How will you follow up on all those emails about frisky midwestern women if you do not make time?

  25. i shall do what i do with all mail i have no interest in..i shall hit delete

  26. max

    How tragic for the frisky midwestern women.

  27. I’m sure they will be fine Max. I’m not what one would call the catch of the day. I should rename my blog that…nah, the writing proves it

  28. max

    Self deprecation does not suit you.

  29. but honesty fits like a brooks brothers suit *s*

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