the problem with cute neighbor guys

girl in mask by jessica brooksI have discovered a tragic catch 22 to that big wish for a cute neighbor to move in next door. [And no, it has not happened.] See, I have sort of a cute neighbor. And here is the thing about cute neighbors. You kind of want them to think you are cute too.

My cute neighbor lives on a different floor and you would think that would be far enough away to maintain an illusion of distant beauty but it is not. My cute neighbor is always busting me when I am ratting around doing laundry or grabbing mail or taking out garbage or something that you think you can get away with unobserved by cute neighbor guys except, no, any time you are exactly looking your rattiest, cute neighbor guys appear.

Fortunately —

Cute neighbor guy has a day job. All I have to do to avoid being busted all in laundry day clothes with scary hair and no make up is do Cinderella chores during working day hours.

Until now.

Cute neighbor guy has decided to take some time off. Indefinite time off.

Now he could be around the corner at any minute.


where the art work comes from :
that is ceremony by jessica grace brooks

21 Responses to the problem with cute neighbor guys

  1. You know, I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Looks like you’ll be dressing to the nines to do laundry, Max!

    Mini skirt and heels bent over the dryer, cute neighbor guy will adore that!

    OOO. I’ve got it! “Accidentally” drop some loose change into the empty washer, and be bent over retrieving it (one leg bent up behind you like one of those women in the 1940s, of course) when he comes in… then just bat your eyelashes and ask for a little “ass-istance”.


  3. max

    Look good to do laundry?

    Oh the pressure!

  4. aj

    I think Janie is on to something with the ass-istance.

  5. :)

    Well if there’s one thing I know about, it’s how to get attention!


  6. max

    Where is my Catholic school girl outfit….

  7. If it is any help- us cute neighbors (I was one way back in the day before I got married) don’t expect women to look all dolled up every minute of the day. It’s nice to see a woman with her make-up off and her hair out of order. Something very attractive about it.

  8. max

    This no doubt accounts for why he looks amused every time he sees me.

  9. Heck, if men like neighbor women with no makeup and hair out of sorts, that is a good thing. I kinda like that.

  10. tj

    Stick with the catholic school girl outfit idea, max.

  11. max

    TJ’s opinion carries extra weight he is single and male.

  12. Make sure you are carrying a basket full of lingerie, Max! Great way to test if he’s hetero!

    Of course, knocking on his door and asking to borrow a cup of “sugah” doesn’t hurt, either lol

  13. max

    You do not think it is a little obvious showing at someone’s door in full make up, stilletto heels, a parochial school girl uniform and asking for a cup of sugar?

  14. You’re right. Ask for detergent.

    Good catch Max.

  15. max

    Wow, that will make the basket of frisky lingerie totally make sense too. That is so smart.

  16. I’ve had too much practice at this.

    Just don’t get snippety if he doesn’t have Woolite. (Cuz if he did, then I’d really have to question his, er, you know).

  17. max

    Well the lingerie is just props if there is no woolite they can stay in their cute basket.

  18. Oh, absolutely. Besides, you’re supposed to do those in your sink.

    Smart guy neighbor: Why are you carrying around a basket of lingerie when you’re supposed to hand wash them?

    Dumb and typical guy neighbor: Boing!

  19. max

    He is smart. He would know.

    Boy I better pray here neighbor guy does not read this blog. It would be funny but still.

  20. ***knock knock knock***
    (Max answers door)

    Cute Neighbor Guy: “Here’s a bottle of Woolite. Since you’re about to wash your lingerie, would you throw my G-string in there too?”

    Max: “Um.. You read my BLOG???? Um.. Sure, Ok. Where is it?”

    CNG: “I’m wearing it. Go put on your Catholic School Girl uniform.”

  21. max

    That would so not work on so many levels.

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