the plastic container


I have —

This plastic container. It is clear and round and has this snap on lid. It came carrying hazel nuts. I ate the hazel nuts and threw it in the recycling bag. Then I had to take it out of the recycling bag. Then I put it back. Then I had to take it out of the recycling bag again. Then I put it back again. The third time I took it out of the recycling bag, I did not put it back. It is sitting there on the kitchen counter.

The reason this clear plastic container keeps getting pulled out of the recycling bag is —

It is very good for catching spiders. The spider that, when I went to pull the covers down, was romping playfully on the bed and ran into [gah!] the pillows. The spider that was practicing rappelling on the wall by the computer desk. The spider that was —

You get the picture. It is so spider season.

I do not have a lot of compunction about just killing a spider dead either. They have tried to do it to me. I figure, the inside is mine, the outside is theirs, woe to the spider who crosses that line.

But I really really do not like splattered spider. It is just not hygienic or feng shui in any known galaxy. So spiders around here have been living by the grace of being too inconvenient to clean up after a death blow and the plastic container from the recycling bag.

I am pretty annoyed though I have an empty should-have-been-discarded plastic container just hanging around on the counter in case of unexpected spider frenzy.


where the art work comes from :
that is from one twin

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  1. I’m gonna level with you: this post stopped, for me, at the part where you eat hazel nuts. Who eats hazel nuts? Almonds, peanuts, cashews: all nuts eaten by themselves. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hazel nut, all by itself, outside of a Mixed Nuts Assortment.

    Your life is, indeed, exotic to me.

  2. While we were camping a honeybee somehow got inside our rv. Blane was sleeping but Spanky and I were still up. I saw the bee on the paper towel roll and didn’t want to cause a commotion so I plotted.
    Grabbed a plastic cup and capped him. Still had to lift the paper towel roll and see about the other side, though.
    I end up with this contraption, a plastic cup on each side of a paper towel roll and I show Spanky.
    After we settle down and stop laughing I realize I have to let the guy loose. There’s a worldwide shortage of bees, you know.
    I’d put a little tape of the contraption to make sure the cup didn’t slide and let him loose inside again.
    Now this is at about 1AM. I go outside and untape the thing and throw it. It lands in a way that he can’t get out.
    I pick the damn thing up and open it again and what does the little bastid do?
    Fly right back inside the RV. Right on Spanky’s pillow. By now there is screaming and poor Blane didn’t get too much sleep.

    I should have just taken the fly swatter and smashed him.

  3. There is a spider season in LA?


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