the other shore


other_shoreSo I was going out —

And about town Baksy’ing and I ran into these people.  I was about to put my sticker up on a poster and someone said, “That’s our movie, you’re not going to paper over our poster while we are standing here?” 

My reaction was, “Oh yes I will.”  [Because I am just like that.] My friend Cathy’s reaction was, “Of course we won’t.”  [Because she is just like that.]

It resulted in a convo [and I say “convo” just to piss off my friend Raincoaster] in which the woman in the group asked to exchange paper and share, and said, You have to do this too.

[“You have to do this too” meant, if she took my paper and handed it out, I had to take her paper and hand it out too.]

It was a really unfair share.  She had about ten really nice printed movie poster postcards.  I handed her about 50 off the cuff cheap paper print offs. And then she asked for some back realizing she was just about out.


Her movie is The Other Shore:  “The Other Shore” follows world record holder and legendary swimmer Diana Nyad as she comes out of a thirty-year retirement to re-attempt swimming 103 miles non-stop from Cuba to Florida. She is clearly insane, who would do that? But it’s pretty freaking great. Go see the movie.


I wonder whether the film chick really did anything with those book papers I handed her or just tossed them.  Me, I went to a lot of trouble to make sure I got those five nice post cards to the right people.  But?  It probably didn’t work.  Five?  That’s hard to make really hit.


I give it to you peeps.  Make it move.  If Film Chick did it right?  She distributed 50 printed pages of the book.  Make it right:



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