the other place


train_iiIt is odd —

The things that hit and take while writing.

Not writing.


This story is in my head but it is amorphous, a cloud, thoughts, images. And I walk through the world not here. I mean. One moment I am here. Shoving quarters into a laundry machine. But. Another. I am there. In another place.

That has no edges.

I am seeking the edges, the concreteness of the other place.


where the art work comes from :
that is from bmw photography

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  1. I hope you find those edges, and may the entry never be locked.
    Come and go in there as you please…

  2. max

    Well you know when that place gets edges, this one loses all of its edges. Writers are pretty much all crazed I think, we live in separate worlds and believe more in the ones we make up than the ones we allegedly inhabit.

  3. forkboy1965

    I hope that other place has a built-in laundry room…

  4. Sounds like a right brain space. No edges there.

  5. I haven’t thought of that way, but this is the closest I’ve seen anyone come to describing what stream of conscious is like.

  6. love triumphant and a bit with a dog. that’s what they want.

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