the old people rock


There is an old age home I walk by sometimes. The ladies wear little Flashdance outfits and bright lipstick. They go out grocery shopping that way.

Sometimes when I walk by rock and roll is blasting from the old age home.

I was at dinner with my friend Chris and I said, Wow, the old people really rock, they turn that music way up.

He said, Max, they have to, they are old, it is the only way they can hear it.


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  1. Dan

    I’m as cynical as the next guy, but I’m with you…I’d like to think the old people turn the music way up because they do, in fact, rock.

  2. If you’re talking about a bunch of elderly people who were into the Big Band Era you better believe the music is loud because they like it that way.

    Both of my Grandmothers- and my Great Grandmothers always had the music up and those women could hear a kid sneaking into a window or lifting keys from the other side of the house with the tv up full blast did NOT have hearing problems.

  3. I was at an outdoor music festival (Missy Higgins, Gavin Rossdale, The Gin Blossoms, etc.) this past Saturday and noticed a good share of oldsters, which prompted me to think, “I wanna be able to be doing what I’m doing right now when I’m 70-something…or more.” Minus the tattoos, though. Tattoos on oldsters are not attractive.

  4. max

    Naw. This is not big band. This is electric guitars.

  5. ‘The ladies wear little Flashdance outfits and bright lipstick.

    Do they know what decade it is?

  6. max

    Oh I think it is cute have you seen what they peddle as little old ladies clothes? I would not wear those either.

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