the mocking bird is not impressed


The mocking bird

Was singing last night — very loud — right outside the balcony windows. I have never actually gone to see the mocking bird before but I went over and opened the blinds and the balcony door and there we were face to face. Me and the mockingbird.

I said, Hello.

The mockingbird just stared, appalled. Apparently I was not the vision he had imagined behind those lighted blinds all the nights he had sung to the balcony windows.

He flew away.


where the art work comes from :
that is from exirde

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  1. LOL. Maybe he’s one of those en cachet singers and ran off all self-conscious.

    Or maybe he was expecting a tip.

  2. You know what I just realized? A year ago this time, your post would have been about a creepy neighbor, peeping in your window, or other unsavory folks in your building. Now, we get mocking birds. I’m happy for you. But I kind of miss the crazy. Perhaps a mockingbird will go postal soon??

  3. Kym

    Wear feathers next time?

    (ps beautiful vignette! I love this.)

  4. max

    Ginny, LOL — you were fond of Spidey?

  5. I’ll send Blitzer down there.
    That’ll teach that smart pants bird.

  6. max

    Oh jeez Blitzer would just leave wings behind. I do not feel enough animosity towards the mockingbird to want to see him reduced to just a wing.

    Give Blitzer a kiss for me though. He is a generous cat.

  7. aj

    A mocking bird is like a karaoke singer, you are never meant to really see their face.

  8. max

    What is shocking is how little the mockingbird is. It is a really small bird it is difficult to reconcile the song volume that comes out of this so small bird.

  9. The mockingbird flew away because you did not save that brownie for him.

  10. max

    He came back. He has gotten over my shocking appearance and loves me anyway.

  11. Oh, the little fellow was surprised that you changed your haircolor, that’s all.

  12. max

    That must be it.

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