the mac line


mac computerI am sitting —

On hold on the Mac help line after waiting 10 minutes to get a human who took my info and gave me new fun numbers I should keep track of before she put me on another help line that told me it would be a fifteen minute wait for another human to actually speak to.

Fortunately for me, I have speaker phone, which means i can wander around with only a minor sense of panic i might lose this connection it will take me at least thirty minutes to make contact with again so have, in this time, used the restroom twice, smoked three cigs, moved a ladder into the closet to pull out old boxes for old disks in case they are helpful, panicked about the fact this is a computer phone and whomever I speak to may want me to disconnect my internet connection to do more web/phone associated things.

Basically this all sucks.


When Mac people actually show up on the Mac help line they are usually pretty helpful. They know their stuff on the Mac help line. The only other customer support that used to be nearly as good was the HP help line. Those people were smart as whips. Till they moved to India or something and then that help line sort of went to hell. Or at least that was my experience last time I called it.


This does not change the fact it really sucks waiting for half an hour on the phone just to get a human being, usually you only encounter that slaughtering a delay if you are calling the government or the Department of Motor Vehicles.


where the art work comes from :
that is from bjorn soderqvist

[sorry bjorn i lost my umlauts]

11 Responses to the mac line

  1. The opposite of helpful would be your local cable company’s helpline…

  2. californiablogging

    My friends husband was a Mac Genius so I just call him… I always wind up dog sitting soon after, hmmmmm, Woe, is right about the cable company, they say,” hold on let me try this” over and over again and in the end ….nothing!

  3. conundrum

    Isn’t calling the DMV actually calling the government?

    I think many companies have learned the error of their ways in transferring their customer alleged support to Mumbai.

    Nice job capturing the angst of the unending “on hold”.

  4. max

    The DMV has become like the IRS, sort of attached to the government but playing by its own rules.

    Oh. My. God. The cable company. I am so enraged at Time Warner I can no longer even call the support line. Those are hours I am never getting back and being this angry is unhealthy I am going to have to talk to the Better Business Bureau or something because that company? No more calls. I will not subject myself to that again.

  5. At least you got a human [eventually]. I have been on help lines where there was no god-given way to get out of the pre-recorded loops of menu options and had to hit all sorts of numbers combos on the phone pad to try to fake it out to no avail.

  6. max

    “Human” might be too optimistic. “Demonic entity from Hell sent to this plane to torment my existence” I think works better.

  7. Kym

    I am currently dealing with AT&T in a never ending dispute. Every battle (1/2 hr to an hour) ends with the rep conceding that I don’t owe them money and every bill I get shows I owe them increasingly more. I’m ready to nuke ’em!

  8. max

    One of my fun conversations which required about three hours of my time all told between holds, dropped connections, calling back, transfers, alien touch tone technology games, disagreements, transfers, and requesting supervisors, ended in the guy saying, Lady, What do you want? And me saying, You to credit my account with the three installation charges you erroneously charged me that you were not supposed to charge me, you crediting my account with the extra service charges you were not supposed to charge my account which you did charge my account, you crediting my account with the extra equipment charges you were not supposed to charge my account which you did charge my account, you providing the service I originally ordered which you have to date failed to provide like freaking voice mail, and oh yeah, maybe you knocking off the month in advance you have moved up my billing by ten day increments to the point I am paying you over a month early for service not already provided? To which he replied, That is not going to happen.

    Time Warner is a device of the devil.

  9. I love it that these guys/gals are called “Mac geniuses.”

  10. lol
    have you tried calling Dell customer service? that ought to be fun.

  11. max

    No way. I have enough “help” [and I use that term loosely] lines in my life.

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