the "little" truck


A friend and I are talking. She mentions a truck she may be unloading. She says it is a “little” truck. I say, Oh, Toyota? [Foolishly blurting the first “little” truck that pops into my head.]

She says, No, Chevy S-10.


It is not just a Chevy S-10 either. It is a twin cab Chevy S-10.

It is not my friend’s fault. She grew up on a farm. Probably a twin cab Chevy S-10 looks little compared to a farm combine.



Wait! It gets better. My friend, appalled at my lack of truck size savvy, sent me a diagram to demonstrate the difference between a little truck and a big truck.

I am so cracked up.


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  1. Wow. If that’s her idea of little, I wouldn’t stand a chance.

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