the limits of charisma


set_light_iiThe more I see of Obama —

The more I dislike him. I am a Democrat. This is not supposed to happen. I voted for him. I talked other people into voting for him, people seriously heart broken when Clinton lost who were talking about not voting at all. I told them they had to vote. It was that important to put a Democrat in the White House. And I should like him. I should be swept away by the joy of actually seeing a president speak in public who can pronounce “nuclear.” Be awed by his sweeping plans for the future, his deft poses, head tilted just so, hand raised in stillness as if he can hear something the rest of us cannot. It is all very pretty. It is all very eloquent. But —

All I see these days when I look at Obama is a man who leaves whenever the real fighting starts, comes back when it looks like a masked crusader might get the biggest cheer, who has broken campaign promise after campaign promise and who spends an awful lot of time figuring out what people want to hear and saying it —

And spends no time figuring out how to do it.

This is not a popular opinion. Well, not among fellow Democrats. It also however is not just my opinion :


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  1. leia

    “his deft poses, head tilted just so, hand raised in stillness as if he can hear something the rest of us cannot.”

    That something is Rahm feeding the earpiece.

  2. max

    Well he is a hell of a performer. I am sure he would do Shakespeare with style. We just do not need any more show people in the White House though.

  3. According to Gallup, Obama’s approval rating actually went up one point this week to 52% so, although he’s disappointing the hell out of me, he is making the Center pretty damn happy these days. I also keep thinking about where we would be if those Clinton supporters didn’t vote and MCain won… I don’t even want to think about the carnage. Obama might be more status quo than change but McCain would have us in Iraq for 100 years, would have kept Guantanamo well fed (despite being tortured himself), and would be giving the wealthy 5% even more tax breaks.

    When I voted for Obama it was the first time I voted for a candidate rather than against another candidate, although that was true as well. It can and would be much much worse. Of course it can be much better as well, and it’s too bad that Obama and Congress (w/o them Obama can’t do a thing) care more about reelection than about the betterment of our society.

  4. max

    Gallup didn’t talk to me. Dumb Gallup.

  5. They are all puppets; Obama is just a pretty and endearing one. That could actually be a greater danger. At least everybody (who could think) knew Bush’s mouth was full of lies.

  6. At least he knows that Sweden and Switzerland is not the same thing, Mr Bush didn’t …

  7. I told everyone Hillary was the man. Er, woman. You know what I mean. Even my Republican friends found Hillary acceptable.

    Here’s what I specifically told people – Obama should have been Hillary’s VP, learning what needs to be learnt (additionally, riding her coattails for eight years), and by the time she left office he would have been well prepared and well schooled – assuming she did a halfway decent job running the country – which shouldn’t be hard to do after Bush (well, if you could cleaning up his mess).

    “At least he knows that Sweden and Switzerland is not the same thing, Mr Bush didn’t …”

    Neither did Jessica Alba. I don’t know if that makes her smarter than him or him dumber than her…

    I took quiz that revealed I was a centrist. It’s no surprise that I don’t feel hugely disappointed by him…yet.

  8. Kim

    i know i must wait and see. i knew his charisma was powerful and that it would have to yield to effective leadership – it is too soon to know if effective leadership is really there or if we are left with a mostly hollow icon…

  9. Andrew

    Jesus tap-dancing Christ, how did a man so loutish even get a date with you (or your “friend”) in the first place?

    Um… That is NOT a rhetorical question.

    (Because I’ve obviously been doing something wrong…)

  10. max

    LOL You usually do not know it is going to be a very bad night until you are already committed and then it is tricky backing out….

  11. max

    [That was supposed to be under “what men shouldn’t do on dates” right?]

  12. max

    Now I am trying to remember all the words to When Johnny Comes Marching Home.

  13. max

    [It went about as well for Johnny as it went for Cassandra I think.]

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