the last honorable president


Thirty years ago, a man in the White House foresaw the future and tried to prepare the country for it. Pity no one listened. The country has been paying the price for not listening ever since.

[These are about 9 minutes long each if you can only listen to one listen to Part III.]

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  1. Do you get the impression that the country distrusts thinkers? I still don’t see a whole lot of people actually considering these issues. I see a lot of short term thinking.

  2. max

    No. I think the country that voted for Obama was voting for issues exactly like these and for a thinking president. I think that group, which is quieter, gets drowned out by the louder more obnoxious Rush/Beck crowd sometimes. And I think the majority that voted for Obama is splintered betwee devout followers who believe Obama can do no wrong and the members who feel betrayed by Obama’s clear abandonment of a majority of promises made on the campaign trail. But I believe a majority of the country spoke when Obama was voted into office.

  3. forkboy1965

    I for one believe at least half this nation (the right-wing half) have clearly abandoned any semblance of intelligence or logic. Just look at the characters they put forward for political office (thinking Palin). Or look at the talking heads on radio and television that claim to speak for the Party (thinking Beck and Rush in particular).

    Or remind yourself of the outrage vented by the Party en mass when conservative intellectuals like George Will or Christopher Buckley (son of uber-intelligent and rather conservative Wm. F. Buckley, Jr.) suggested that McCain/Palin (in particular Palin coming from Will) were the wrong choice in the last presidential election.

    The last 15-20 years have seen a precipitous decline regarding intelligence within the Republican Party. It is why I, in my early 20’s, changed from being a registered Independent (heck.. I voted for Bush Sr!) to a Democrat. Those characteristics I appreciated and valued on the Right have been mowed down in the name of religion. Or better put, in the name of religious intolerance.

    Okay…. off the soapbox.

  4. The slide into the middle/dark ages has been compounded by the effects of corporate food over the past 20-30 years. There is evidence (though suppressed) how GMO food (everything in the center of the supermarket has corn syrup), plus the chemicals given to animals that are consumed, has a marked effect on the body and brain. People are getting less intelligent. Combine that with the removal of critical thinking taught in schools since Reagan, and you get loud idiots.

    Soy has caused hair to grow on rodent tongues. Hope you’re not a vegetarian, because good luck getting non-GMO Soy.

    I always thought Carter was a good person, and he was the last Pres. I know of who seems to have integrity and pride in honesty. He tried to do the right thing as far as global warming, and the corporations ate him. They have known about Peak Oil since the 70’s. Funny how the US military just now came out with the announcement, huh.

  5. Good man, inept president.
    Don’t ask me why. This is what I’ve been told all my life.

  6. max

    Well I am not convinced of that. Hey have you been talking to that Republican again?

  7. Which Republican? I know many. TOM?

  8. max

    What other Republican would I be referring to funny girl?

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