the lady with dogs in a stroller


Today I got the story from —

The woman with the two dogs in a stroller. They are small dogs, they look to be miniature Bull Dogs, though in a stroller it is always hard to tell. Well in this stroller it is hard to tell because it is one of those strollers that is better than most N.A.S.A. designs, has three wheels so it can turn without a dime, and extra netting to make sure no Martian microbes get through. Meaning it is kind of hard to really see those dogs. They are all closed in with netting.

The woman strolling these dogs is always in a nice dress and conservative heels. She has a real eye for clothing lines. She wears glasses. She doesn’t pay a lot of attention to her hair. She is very Queen of England. And she has a nice smile.

Forced out of my normal shut in abstinence behavior I had to ask her today, What is the story on the dogs in the N.A.S.A. stroller?

One of the dogs is taking medication for heart worms so can’t get blood pressure up right now. And the other dog gets upset if the fellow dog rides in the stroller and he/she doesn’t get to.

The stroller for these dogs is like a calliope.


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