the imaginary boyfriend kisses the curb


That is Eduardo Verastegui.

Yes. Him. Up there.


He just killed the imaginary boyfriend.

[That is so wrong.]


Mirco and I have been tragically drifting apart. He neglects me.

[Probably because Mirco has never met me, has no idea who I am, lives in a foreign country, and also does not speak English but THAT IS NO EXCUSE. Also TJ regularly casts aspersions on Mirco’s interest in women which just is harsh and also detrimental to my fantasy life. Dumb TJ.]

But the final blow came yesterday.

It was not my fault. I was innocently plugging in a DVD to see a flick when WHAM —

The most beautiful man face hit the screen.

The movie was Bella and even in a beard this guy is beautiful. [I do not even like beards but I am pretty sure they could put a paper bag over this guy’s head and he would still be beautiful.] Also he is brunette and I have a weakness for brunettes.

I am so sorry Mirco.


*this is catastrophe i cannot have an imaginary boyfriend who a] works in hollywood and b] speaks english so it is not like i can plug in this eduardo character to replace mirco and also do you know how hard bergamasco was to learn to spell verastegui is impossible now i have no imaginary boyfriend


*probably i should say something about the film instead of just perving out on the leading man or traumatizing myself with lost imaginary boyfriends — the film is good go rent it


where the art work comes from :
i do not know who to photo credit there i nabbed that
off the eduardo site

0 Responses to the imaginary boyfriend kisses the curb

  1. Damn, look at those jaw bones.

    Do you really want to do the paper bag thing? I mean. Okay. He is totally worthy. Sorry Mirco.

  2. max

    Not me. Just because you can do the paper bag thing does not mean you should. Though he probably had a hell of a time in Hollywood, any guy that good looking and Latin is going to keep getting handed lothario and villain roles all over which probably explains why he had to build his own production company to get a part in a solid drama.

  3. Deep breathe… But do not pant, panting is unbecoming.

  4. I think you should keep them both.

    Maybe share.

  5. I think ALL boyfriends should have MUTE buttons on their forheads.

  6. max

    “do not pant, panting is unbecoming”

    Grandma, is that you?

    Michele, did you just say share a man? Um, speak to Grandma. Make sure she is not holding the silver handled hair brush when you bring this up though.

    “I think ALL boyfriends should have MUTE buttons on their forheads.”

    Anita, they do, you just are not hitting that button hard enough. [wink]

  7. I’m pretty sure I am.

    Either that or I have a thing about guys with crossed eyes.

  8. max

    You can put a spot on their forehead with magic marker I am pretty sure that is not cheating.

  9. Like I could stop with a little spot.

  10. Kym

    Mmm, I think that Eduardo has definite bunk potential but…and this is far more important than his intelligence or his kindness…What do his arms look like?

    ‘Cause Jayne is easier to spell than Verastegui and I’m thinking imaginary boyfriends should have easy names and great arms. Or, at least one of the two.

  11. max

    Anita do not mark the boyfriend up for the butcher. That is just wrong.

    The arms are perfect. Kinda makes you hope the guy has morning breath just to know he has a flaw.

  12. I love the new replacement. He has amazing eyebrows and he sings! Reminds me a bit of Lorenzo Lamas, now let’s hope he doesn’t turn into a douchebag, too.

    ‘The arms are perfect. Kinda makes you hope the guy has morning breath just to know he has a flaw.’

    Haha, true. My mother once dated a man that had no morning breath. He had other flaws but in that arena, he was flawless.

  13. max

    And he has green eyes. I think they are green, that or a real deep blue, they change in the photos.

  14. Well, you need to keep Mirco for a rainy day.

  15. Christina

    I love the new one but I still think Mirco has a leg up … see if he’ll take you back.

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