the i ching advises cosmetic surgery


gongOne time I asked the I Ching —

If breast augmentation was a good idea.

The I Ching said [I paraphrase] Go for it Babe, anything that makes you feel better about yourself is a good thing.

I. Was. Appalled.

I was expecting reason from the I Ching. Like, you know, someone or something or whatever is passing out answers there to say, Certainly not go to your room.

Also I did not think breast augmentation would make me feel better about myself. It was not about feeling better about myself. It was about cup size. Sheesh, I Ching, get it straight.

Maybe it did.

Breast augmentation thoughts were postponed indefinitely.


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  1. I have never asked the I Ching a question but I have used 8-balls. I always liked the 8-ball answer “Better not tell you now.” Okay, so when? One would hope the I Ching would be better than an 8-ball though.

  2. sulya

    I put this in the same category as cookies at the grocery store. I would be shopping with my mom as a kid, ask to buy some cookies. She would say yes, I’d be excited, throw them in the cart. An aisle or two later I would have thought about it all.

    Did I really NEED the cookies? Would the cookies actually be as good as I thought they were? Mightn’t I like to have something else that might be better later and did I really want to use up my “treat” leeway on store-bought cookies? (yes, even at like 6 years-old this was the thought pattern)

    I pretty much always put the cookies back… “Yes – go for it” has always since been a kind of undoing.

    So, my mom, your i ching… Potato, pahtato… [wink]

  3. They don’t refer to them as “funbags” for nothing.

    Breast implants are fun. You won’t get the PC answer from me. But when done right they rock!

    (I constantly squeeze them, it’s good for my hand strength).

  4. Not to be morbid…well, I am but that’s okay…anyway, unless you’re in bad shape and I don’t mean, ” gee I’m not perfect ” then I would say nobody needs to have those implants put into their bodies.

    After awhile they get Gross hear me?


    I’ve removed those things…I’ve seen what happens when they leak and age and I know the last thing I’ll see beforeI die are dead women in caskets with implants under their funeral clothes.

    Implants are bad…bad badd…baaaddddd no implants!

  5. max

    Hmm, let me think. I Ching, a device of divinity used by Chinese philosophers for centuries.

    Magic Eight Ball, designed and manufactured sometime in the last 100 years, sold in novelty shops in the U.S.

    Hard call there.

    I really was expecting some very feminist pc answer like “no that is not the way of nature” or something when I asked that question.

  6. Oh you won’t get PC from me lol

  7. max

    Oh the I Ching was totally with you on that it was pro cosmetic surgery all the way.

  8. Well you did bring up a most excellent point – can generations of Asians really be wrong?

  9. Seriously though, don’t do it Max. I saw your body and it is cute the way it is. However, if you DID decide to do it, I know a few Bev Hills surgeons that are quite impressive…of course I am sure you do too!

  10. max

    I have no plans. I just think it is funny the i ching said go for it.

  11. I asked the I ching if I should kill myself and it refused to answer…. I thought that was very funny!

    You look hot and according to my girl gaydar you are a very sexy dream…

    If you want them get them but they get in the way of everything, even if they are fun to squeeze …..your eyes, your smile and intellect will get you anything cleavage will….. ( except from a few extreme derranged few who were cut off too abrutply from their momma’s milk)

  12. Actually listen to Jennifer, Max. I swear my IQ went down once I got these things and then got the upgrade (oops maybe I should keep that to myself). All I wanted to do was go out and shop and see and be seen.

    Yeah – I can totally see the IQ/breast size correlation.

  13. max

    Nobody believes me when I say I am not considering breast implants right?


  14. I think…that would be accurate lol

  15. max

    I have thought about it in the past. Back then I read a lot about it too. I decided not. If they sag when I get older I will defnitely think about it again though because that would kind of suck.

  16. You mean get a lift? Those leave unsightly scars. I’d just get them filled.

  17. max

    No not lift, just fill.

  18. From a man’s point of view. The best breasts are the ones a woman feels good about having.

    If she lets me see them, touch them , kiss them, then they are awesome.

  19. max

    Wow good answer D200.

  20. Shooter is a great guy so I’m not surprised by his outlook.

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