the hot tv girl doc poll

girl in jeansChris was kind of going crazy during the Hot TV Doc Poll.

I kept hearing these shouts from the back, “Cuddy! Cuddy! Cuddy!” But there were no girl docs on the Hot TV Doc poll and personally I was worried that strain would give Chris an anneurism or something so in the way of being all egalitarian and stuff [like I am egalitarian stop laughing] the new poll is The Hot TV Girl Doc Poll.

This will probably work out better than the boy doc poll girls never have problems voting for hot girls but guys get twisty about voting for hot guys. I do not get it but that is how it works out at seemaxrun.

Also all the girls [and also some of the guys] around here got assigned a hot girl doc when they took the Grey’s Anatomy Quiz so I figure everyone is invested in a girl tv doc now. How cool is that?


14 Responses to the hot tv girl doc poll

  1. tj

    I must say Max, the pictures are getting much better around this blog.

  2. max

    You did not love the mouse?

  3. The great thing about getting an aneurysm would be having Dr. Cuddy there to kiss my boo boo and make it all better.

  4. Boy the y’s are loving this poll

  5. aj

    “boo boo” I am going to pretend Chris did not say that.

  6. Vote for Neela!

    Damn it.

  7. max

    Last time I saw one of those it was not called a “boo boo.” Jeez.

  8. I’m with TJ. Been loving the illustrations, Max!

    (Can we go back to the one of you in the swimsuit?)

    I think I need some alone time now…


  9. max

    Next birthday, Janie.

  10. You’ve been posting a lot of rear shots, lately.

    I’m pretty straight but you’re converting me. If that happens I’m suing!

  11. max

    I am skeptical. Really think that could happen? I am thinking no.

  12. Suing? Yeah you’re right. The only people that would take that case are the ones from Boston Legal.

  13. max

    I meant throwing over men for women, goof.

  14. I know. I thought I was being pretty smart lol

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