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male torsoSo every Valentine’s Day I come up with some sassy poll for the forums and this year I was a little blank — which had me some worried because hello, I am always getting warned about drastic changes which are supposed to take place on birthdays effecting what I can eat or what I can wear or what my libido will do to me or some other dire something. These warnings started when I was three. I would be eating something fun like a cupcake surrounded by towering adult woman with too big hips all glowering down at me shaking their heads saying, When you get older you will not be able to eat that you will be fat fat fat.

Yeah, right, at three? Shut up!

Also to me this just meant eat as much as possible right now since according to the Saddlebag Sisters time is limited. And I have been doing that ever since and so far no fat bomb has hit so take that Saddlebag Sisters. But. You always have to wonder when or if it ever will hit.

Anyway, there I was totally blank when inspiration struck. A Hot TV Doc Poll. Yay! So that is up in the forum and you are encouraged to go vote for your favorite hot TV doc at THE HOT TV DOC POLL right away.

Contestants include Doc Shepherd McDreamy, Doc House, Doc Ross, all the hot docs in lead rolls that just struck me off the top of my head. [Which was six, I have a fever, quit it.] You can do write ins. You have to be board registered to do a write in. Not to vote though and you can suggest a write in here if you are too lazy to board register. Voting will be frenzied. [Not really, the guys in the forum boycott them and if khabs is around there will be surly statements like “We are MEN we do not vote for MEN, Max.”] It will still be fun.

Come visit.


36 Responses to the hot tv doc poll

  1. aj

    McDreamy. McDreamy. McDreamy.

    Need I say anymore?

  2. ooh, that’s a hard one. House or McDreamy? Bugger, I want both.

  3. max

    Yeah, AJ, you have to go push a button and vote. Snap to it.

  4. max

    What took you so long?

  5. Clooney, I say. Clooney.

  6. max

    I am going to start fining people who do not vote in the poll Michele.

  7. Damn Max, What, is this guy ugly, where’s his face. Guess that’s not important.

  8. max

    Ahem. That is an artistic crop.

  9. Sophia

    Oh, right, how fair is that! You post that picture, which is like being given a hot chocolate cake full of chocolate syrup and fluffy, creamy topping after a fourty day fasting, and then we’re supposed to go vote for alleged Drs whose abs we can’t even see? Totally unfair. By the way, I did not vote McDreamy. You can’t be serious!

  10. max

    You are complaining about the image?

  11. House. House. House. Even though he’s Captain CrankyPants, House.

    I tried to register and the forums flipped me off. I didn’t know forums had fingers, but there one was, all big and middle-like. But it had a hangnail and some serious dry-cuticle so that took some of the sting out.

  12. max

    Oh well I registered you. All anyone has to do is ask. I just cannot leave that open right now because of the Rusky spammers. You have email with your info.

  13. Sophia

    Complaining about the image? On the contrary, I was about to ask if you have it in bigger size… like real body size.

  14. I voted Mc Dreamy rules! Although now when I think of him…for some reason I want a cupcake……what just happened?

  15. aj

    As I have mentioned cupcakes and McDreamy several times this week, you can probably blame me, Jennifer.

    Don’t worry, you won’t be alone, Kitty and Max head up the “blame AJ for everything” society.

  16. max

    Do not. That is Sophia.

  17. I keep going to the poll and looking and leaving without voting.

    It’s so haaaaaarrrrrd!


    (By the way, I’m not a McDreamy fan. For me it’s between Kosak and Ross. Maybe House. Gah, this is haaaaaaaaarrrrd.)

  18. max

    Oh you man hog, pick one, you cannot have all the hot docs.

    [aj, i am in icq, what the hell is wrong with your mail program?]

  19. My brother looks like Hugh Laurie ( That’s Dr House ) with a tan- so I have to say I don’t find House “Hot” I just have this urge to pinch him when he gets all superior with his patients and fellow Drs.

    My favorite Dr was Vincent Price- you know
    ” The Abominable Dr Phibes. ”
    ….okay, okay I’ll go away now ;-)


  20. max

    “Hot” doc, Anita. Not “favorite because he is the spooky prince of horror.” Think “hot.”

  21. Oh…I get it now ;-)- my favorite Dr is Chris
    Eccleston. He played ” Doctor Who ” He has that
    kind of James Dean Cool thing going on.

    I like that in a guy.

  22. max

    Hot docs on TV doctor shows, you goof.

    [This is never going to work.]

  23. I am torn between three men. It’s the story of my life!

    Doctors Ross, Kovak, and House.

    Decisions, decisions!

    I’m going to grab a glass of wine and mull this over. I shall close my eyes and see which one pops into my brain and into my bed.

    TMI I know, I know!

  24. Hey, what about Doctor Romano?


  25. max

    You already cannot decide between three men I am not putting up another one to cloud the issue more.

  26. aj

    Stiletto, when in doubt, vote for the first doctor on the list.

  27. Hey, thanks AJ.

    BTW, Max, is your resident doc on this list?

  28. max

    Resident, ar ar —

    Oh, wait, you mean Trench Doc?

    No, Trench has thrown me over again. He is fickle like that.

  29. Maybe he’s been dippin’ into the hospital stash.

    BTW, all of the doctors in your poll? They’re gay too lol

  30. max

    You are in so much trouble.


  31. Z

    Vote Stamos Hot Doc 2007.

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