the horned god


I am looking —

At my hair. Wondering whether to chop it off before the Nicholl 25th anniversary soiree or whether to keep it. And am again sort of marveling at the way my hair grows. Not because it is a great thing, more because it is aberrant and has always struck me odd these two points of hair grow faster than any other hair. They seriously do too. If my hair grows one inch? These two tufts of hair grow two inches or three – depending on their mood. It makes for interesting scenarios if I do not cut my hair regularly because I end up with these dog ear chunks of hair on either side of my face [and hello it was never my intention in life to be a Collie so kind of problematic] but tonight it struck me – in one of those odd moments of just aberrant thought – the hair that grows faster is exactly where two horns would be if I had horns.

Hair and horns are made out of the same stuff right?

So this could be some sort of vestigial horn sitch?

I am now trying to sort out whether that makes me a goat or a demon.


where the art work comes from :
that is from sigi k

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  1. You crack me up.
    Since Spanky is wearing shorter hair now I am noticing the same thing about her, two places where the hair grows faster than the rest.

  2. max

    I knew it. She is totally my daughter. How did this happen?

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