the hollywood ten


In 1948 ten people —

Were destroyed. By innuendo. And by a refusal to participate in a question answer session that was wrong.

The question was, Who are your friends?



Waldo Salt is the more famous member of The Hollywood Ten. You do not hear about the other nine too often. I wonder what happened to them. The non-survivors. But, more than fifty years later, Waldo Salt climbed from the ashes. And is sometimes a recognized name. Sometimes.

After being destroyed by “political beliefs or associations real or suspected.”



Here is my problem with Face Book. [Um try to ignore embarrassing “Cathcer in the Rye” references and stick with what actually matters there if you catch that link.] You know those questions the Hollywood Ten would not answer?

Face Book does.


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  1. I posted a flyer on my blog once and ticked off a cop and now I have Homeland Security going through my blogs- all three of them – page by page.

    That includes the stuff I write about David Tennant, Gummy Bear Porn and stories I’ve written about Werewolves.

    because of Homeland Security I get stopped in airports and asked to give the info on my ID and that includes getting me to pronounce my name to hear what kind of accent I have.

    I’d still run the flyer, and I do use Facebook but I know what to expect now- it’s tough, really tough.


  2. A long, long time ago I decided to adopt the philosophy, ‘screw Facebook, screw MySpace.’

    And,lest one think that all this technological snooping is something new and frightening, the Navy Department and the U.S. Government have had ‘arrangements’ with telecommunications companies going back to the 1920s and snooping through telegraph and telephone traffic.

    Pat Robertson’s minions, until early this year, exercised ‘Christian’ influence over the makeup of the Justice Department’s staffing.

    And, in the 1930’s and after, one could still bear the stigma of being a ‘premature anti-fascist.’ How in hell could someone be against the likes of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini and Francisco Franco too early?

    If only more of us took the proper attitude that government is our contract employee . . .

  3. I saw this guy on the Colbert Report who said that when you’re being tracked to put yourself out there- tell your story, blog, whatever it is you have to do to become visible do it.


    Because if you’re following somebody and a lot of people are watching you follow someone (even on line ), it’s a little obvious.

    I still get tracked, but it’s more like once a month as opposed to once a week.

    Ah Progress.

  4. max

    That sounds good and in a perfect world would make a difference, but this is not a perfect world, the whole nation watched the Hollywood Ten go down and that did not save them.

  5. sulya

    While I tend to generally assume that most electronic communications are being monitored in some way and I would not ever be knowingly disrespectful of the era of fear and persecution to which this post refers and that yielded pernicious questions like “who are your friends” – I do feel it is relevant to point out that all you have to do is tick a box on facebook and no one – whom you have not already personally approved in some way and who is not already the type to hack through security measures in the first place – can see your friends list.

  6. max

    “and no one – whom you have not already personally approved in some way and who is not already the type to hack through security measures in the first place – can see your friends list”

    You mean no one EXCEPT the creators/owners of the system right? They can see anything they want. They have bigger better buttons than you do.

  7. sulya

    Thus my general assumption “that most electronic communications are being monitored in some way”… So, yes of course the creators and administrators of systems have always had access to things like that… It becomes a question of whether they are the types to abuse power or not – whether they are the type to “names names” to others in power or not…

  8. max

    Everyone associated with the creation of face book comes straight out of the intelligence gathering community. What do you think they are going to do with the information? They are spooks.

  9. Sarah

    Yet another reason to let my account continue to lie fallow.

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