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This is fun. It is The Grey’s Anatomy Quiz.

I am not telling anyone who I came out as unless someone else goes first though.

[PS: March 3 is over yay yay yay!]

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  1. Ok, I am Meredith. Funny, I just saw my “mom’ in a Euro coffee shop last week. ( no cell phone photo though) I thought I was going to be Addison.

  2. max

    I figured I would be most like Bailey but that is not what the quiz thought.

  3. I’m a “Callie” but since I’m more like McDreamy or McSteamy, I’m pretty sure the quiz’s methodology is fundamentally flawed.

  4. max

    Oh I dunno, Chris, Callie has a sort of infamous towel scene. That sort of goes with lufas.

  5. I hate myself, you know. I’m Meredith. I think I’m going to take it again because I really really hate Meredith.

  6. max

    Jeez. Meredith gets McDreamy there are very big perks to being Meredith.

  7. I’m Meredith but I don’t watch the show so don’t know if it’s good or bad.
    Your turn Max, what were your results?

  8. max

    It said Izzie. Which is odd to me.

  9. Your avatar is the spitting image of her too, AJ

  10. Well, it said I’m Bailey, but I think it was the kid question which decided that one. Of course, I am used to running a company and dealing with crises, so maybe it wasn’t far off the mark. (Pooks, if you say it was because I was bossy, I will hunt you down.)
    (hmmm. may have just proven the point there)

  11. max

    LOL, Chris.

    AJ, I never would have pegged you for Meredith. You are just saying that to score McDreamy right?

  12. Sophia

    I am Meredith. And McDreamy better keep his distance.

  13. aj

    No, I even did it twice changing some answers I was not sure between two choices on and I still got Meredith.

  14. max

    Well I purposefully chose have a drink over lying on the floor for one question because I figured lying on the floor was Izzie’s thing but that did not change much.

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  16. I’m Meredith and it says I jump in and out of relationships. I don’t watch the show but the photo of her annoys me for some reason. And that relationship thing? Hello, talk to my therapist. I avoid relationships with people at all costs!!!

  17. I’m Meredith, too!

    And it reads just like me.

  18. max

    We have no Christinas or Addisons. What is wrong wtih this picture?

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  20. Hey Max!
    I took the quiz and you now have a Christina…who IS she? Like I watch two hours of tv a week and I’m CLUELESS about this show

    But I like to take tests so…

    Anita M.

  21. max

    Christina rocks, Anita.

  22. allie

    I’m Izzie. I totally believe it. Every quiz I have taken says I’m Izzie.

  23. max

    Wow, just how many Grey’s Anatomy quizes have you taken?

  24. kels

    i got Addison=] i loveeeeeeee herrr!

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