the great panty quiz


119 by michael bentburnYou are thong panties.

Woman, you are one hell of a ride!
You’re a total wild child – and you live for crazy times.
Men are attracted to you like flies to honey, even though they know they should stay away.
You need a expert cowboy who can keep in tune with your free spirit!


:::what kind of panties are you:::


where the art work comes from :
that is #119 by michael bentburn

34 Responses to the great panty quiz

  1. Gee, this involved underwear and the comment section isn’t flooded yet?

    I’m in shock.

    I’m also silly panties.


  2. max

    Silly panties? They have that as an answer?

  3. Kym

    I’m sorry Max but I topped you again (see, silly I’m not a bottom)

    You are a tanga
    You are hand-dyed silk underwear with a caress of velvet ribbon at the waist.
    You are as warm and wanton as a summer morning.
    Men tend to want to protect and caress your delicate soul and skin.
    A man they call Jayne has saved a spot for you in his bunk.

  4. max

    Jeez what a fibber.

  5. Kym

    Hey, you believed silly panties!

  6. max

    Some things stretch even my credulity. Fresh!

    I found the sci-fi crew quiz and put it together. I will put it up sometime today or tomorrow. I do not want to be slamming quizzes up back to back. This one the guys can take without totally destroying their masculinity so it should be fun for them too. Cool.

    Now I am going to risk death by ginormous bug and try to sleep. It may not work….

    Night you.

  7. I don’t need to take this quiz to know that I’m commando lol

    Max, three thousand male bloggers are licking their chops.

    They’re just too shy to comment.

  8. Just a little off topic but last night LK and I were watching Talladega Nights when out of the blue he turns to me and says:

    “Why don’t you get Max to hang out?”

    I was like – um, LK – she’s like on the other coast lol

  9. I am lacy panties. Sigh.

  10. Sorry guys, silly panties is an option-

    what kind of answer did you think a PEZ addict was going to get Max?


  11. max

    Hey I did not question silly panties. Oh, wait, I did. Oops.

    Lace is pretty Michele.

    Stil, that is funny. Tell LK I am flattered.

  12. is *panties on the floor* an option?

  13. max

    It depends on who is asking.

  14. *leaves*

    *doesn’t look back*

    *not even once . . .*

  15. Panties in your mouth?

  16. Ok, I’ll shut up now.

    Brahnamin started it, mom.

  17. max

    Oh anyone with panties in their mouth had better be taking them off me. And me, I have better uses for my mouth.

  18. I am afraid of this quiz…it’s gonna say you are granny panty girl and celibacy is forced upon you from this moment’s over!

  19. “Oh anyone with panties in their mouth had better be taking them off me. And me, I have better uses for my mouth.”

    Did you just say that? Frisky tonight!

    There’s this particularly…poignant scene in the movie Phantasm where the older brother is making out with his girlfriend in the cemetery and he turns to do something and he’s got her panties in his mouth.

    I don’t know why…but that’s been stuck in my memory bank forever.

  20. max

    I spent the day in bed. I am all dazed without my corners today.

  21. I hope you feel better soon. Saltines and sprite maybe.

  22. max

    Hey, wait a minute, this is not the about max being ill topic, this is the great panty quiz topic. Go take that panty quiz. Grrrr.

  23. Great I knew it! I got basic panties…..LOL But I am murphy phobe no way can I tolerate a thong! This is sad…I am calling what’s his name tonight!

  24. max

    Well I may be thong panties girl but I am sleeping alone tonight in a great big empty bed with a baseball bat nearby in case ginormous bug attacks and you are making booty calls so I think your night is going to be more fun.

  25. Panties, baseball bats, blonds and giant bugs.

    This sounds like a Sci-Fi Channel Orginal Movie.

  26. max

    Do I get to wear a sparkley outfit?

  27. If we want this to be a top drawer Sci-Fi Original Movie …you bet your Austrian Crystals you’ll be in a sparkly outfit.

  28. max

    Yay! This is clearly an occassion for the French underwire push up bra.

    Sparkley costumes go better with cleavage.

  29. When you combine Sci-Fi and women’s underwear you just can’t go wrong.

    And if you get those little details in like French Underwire Push Up Bras.

    Cha- Ching.

  30. max

    I so have the lingerie for this. It is fate, I tell you.

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  32. great i am sexy panties =)am a boy who wears panties

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