the great pants kitty naming frenzy


manx kittehPants has succumbed —

To the charms of a kitten. And brought him home. And is now in kitty name choosing frenzy. Also she foolishly posted a call for name suggestions [go make name suggestions] and that can only confuse matters more — yay! Fun for the whole family! [Okay I am aberrant walk it off Cujo.]

Unnamed Kitteh is a Manx.
Manx do not have cat tails.
Manx have Manx tails.
Which are not tails at all.

There are legends about the missing Manx tail.
One is Noah closed the ark door too fast.
[Noah so needs a better publicist that guy gets
blamed for everything.]

Another is Manx are descended from a cat and rabbit
who fell in love
and that is why Manx has no tail at all
and also has too long legs
and also hops.

You cannot fight a legend kitten.
Pants never had a chance.



7 Responses to the great pants kitty naming frenzy

  1. Actually, I didn’t get the Manx kitty. This dude that I got was one of four black floofballs, two male, two female. My dude has a wee smattering of white hairs on his backside. His sister (whom I’m fostering while she recovers from her spaying) is floofier than he is and much gutsier. Obviously, they gave his balls to her. He’s a total nancyboy. (Just how I like ’em!)

  2. max

    Oh no! Who got the Manx kitty?

    Wait. Back up. It is good you got your guy.

    But who got the Manx kitty? Does he still need to be adopted? Is this a plot?

  3. He might still need a home. I did my dude through the shelter I volunteer for. That duder was up on Craigslist.

  4. max

    Oh no.

    I have no powers for good you know. I posted a fun supernatural poll and oould barely get 20 people to vote even using threats and coersion [sigh] but here goes :

    This manx kitty is up for adoption:

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  6. need more photos for the naming

    and videos

    and audio tracks

    and hair samples

  7. max

    Probably it would help too if we were looking at the true Miss Pants kitteh:

    True Miss Pants Kitteh

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