the great feng shui project continues


unmade bed lilo raymondI am all proud of myself today.

I feng shuied the bed.

The bed has this massive mattress that is all one piece and it used to have special covers that covered that to make the mattress base look all boxy and clean and nice. They were very fancy and very expensive and also a royal nightmare to put on because they were all stretchy and bizarre with little bed foot holes and straps that just required wrestling technique to apply to the bed.

[I think these bed covers would have been really happy in some S&M bondage club.]

I used to have a stack of these things and that was pretty important when I had dogs because dogs just like to brush up against corners of furniture and smudge them so you have to have extras to change them out pretty regularly.

With each move though, another stretchy bondage bed base cover bit the dust. This is because apparently movers cannot move a Dux bed without slamming it into concrete at least five times. And on the last move, the final stretchy bondage bed base cover bit the dust and there was no bed base cover at all.

This made the bed base look pretty naked but that was better than having the bed base wear some strange aberrantly damaged by brushes with concrete bed base cover so I let it just sit that way a long long time.

But today I got special sheets [no way am I popping for the real bed base cover those things cost the sky and I write indy films now not big studio pictures which is kind of interesting but not expensive stretchy bondage bed base covers budget friendly] and re-canvased the bed base.

It looks pretty clean and nice now and not naked.

Feng shui bed.



*speaking of feng shui i love the architecture on this site


where the art work comes from :
that is unmade bed by lilo raymond
and that is the best link i can find for him

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  1. My sheets have to be perfect before i can sleep in them. Bounce a quarter tight. I’ve mitered so many corners doing the hospital thing, I guess that is what made me that way.

    I read that Jackie O used to send her sheets to the cleaners every day. That blows my mind.

    Yay for the shui.

  2. max

    Oh I am like a cat I turn in circles till blankets and pillows are all disarranged just right.

  3. Yup – little cat here too. Knead knead knead turn turn fluff fluff…sigh..

  4. Mine doesn’t stay neat, it just starts out that way.
    Don’t even ask questions about that.

  5. max

    Yes I know. You are not sleeping alone. Fresh!

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