the flip flop wars



I am turning into my grandmother or something. People I know have just worn flip flops to two so not flip flop occasions and now I am handing out little pearls of wisdom like, If footwear is appropriate for a thirteen year old girl to wear by the pool it is not appropriate for an adult woman to wear to the office or on a date.

I am so scandalized.

Also I so am turning into my grandmother.


*for the aussies in the crowd flip flops are what you call thongs but we have a whole other meaning for “thongs” in the stripes so do not yell that too loud at an airport


where the art work comes from :
that is from oh it’s amanda

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  1. I agree.

    Does that mean I am turning into your grandmother, too? If so, we’re in good company.

  2. Dan

    What? What was that? Sorry, I couldn’t concentrate on your post…those darned neighbor kids are playing their rocking-roll music too loud.

  3. I couldn’t get away with wearing flip-flops to a business meeting.

    I pretty much live in flip flops though.

  4. max

    “rocking-roll music”

    LOL, Dan.

  5. Dan

    Thought you’d get a kick out of that.

  6. aj

    I would not wear flip flops to a business meeting either but I would where them on a date if the location suited. Like Kitty, I pretty much live in them.

  7. Yeah and I’m pretty sure those teenagers stole that flip flop style from us bigger kids.

    I have to admit, when I was preggers for Sweetpea someone threw me a surprise baby shower under the disguise of a bar-b-que. So I was dressed for a bar-b-que and when we rang the doorbell everyone said “Surprise.” Must have been about a hundred people there and they were dressed nicely. Me, I was wearing flip-flops and felt so embarrassed. Back then, those were cheap shoes made of foamy plastic. Now you can get designer ones.

  8. I do not like the thing between the toe part. It is un-natural.

  9. lol@Kitty.

    Thanks a bunch, Max. I carry black flip flops in my Jimmy Choo bag because they are so comfortable. I thought to myself, “Nobody will care.”

    Obviously, someBODY does!’

  10. max

    Yes. Someone [delicate cough] will definitely notice.


    It cracks me up Michele who lives in three inch heels thinks the thong in a flip flop is unnatural.

  11. Lol. I don’t like the rubbing between toes.

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