the few, the disdainful, the clueless


I am pretty tired. It is amazing how wrung out and tired a good thing can make you. But I thought this was a pretty interesting map. It maps the only areas where the Republican party is not losing ground. And sort of indicates to me the privileged and incredibly disconnected leadership of that party, by catering to what they perceive of as an ignorant bunch of yahoos [um, that would be us the American people] has finally backed itself into a corner in which only the severely impoverished and undereducated are still buying tickets to the Republican side show.




It still scares me how many people did vote for McCain and Palin. But we have made a good start. Bush is out. And so are his criminally insane associates. It is a good beginning.


where that map comes from :
i got that map from the daily koss

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  1. “in the corner”, so rightly spoken. or should it be “ringside”?

  2. That would be the deep South baby!

    I did a little statistical research myself and you’d have to go all the way back to FDR to see any of hose areas vote for a Democrat. It seems that nothing less than 25% unemployment and a double-digit contraction of our GDP for multiple quarters does it for them… That get’s their attention, and then they set aside God, gays, and guns. Sadly, some people have one issue they can’t get past like gay rights or abortion (but capital punishment is swell).

    As an aside, only a few states did not vote for FDR and they mainly form a line down the middle of the Nation: N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas. Oklahoma and Texas voted for FDR.

    Also, while looking at the County map on the NY Times website yesterday I noticed that the only state that doesn’t have a single Democratic county is Oklahoma… And you can expand this to almost all of northern Texas (sans Dallas), and to all of southern Kansas.

  3. We just have to bring the rest of the world to these places even after that most of them may still support the candidate who is less qualified ( like McCain and of course Caribou Barbie ) but a few of them may not and those few could change the political landscape.

    But we’re on our way and the few steps we’ve just taken have taken us light years ago from the place we were on November 3rd.

  4. It`s the first time in my life I gave America a better than poor chance of not sliding into total societal ruin. Good job, Americans…you got one right for a change.

  5. That’s the Bible Belt.
    It’s difficult to fight religion. They keep going back week after week for a top up.
    I’ve tried to reach these people. It’s like talking to a stone wall.

  6. I give a lot of credit to both Georgia and S. Carolina (and huge thanks to VA & NC). It seems that Appalachia has really proved itself to be a “sub-culture” within America. In fact, I read somewhere recently that when Appalachians are asked to state their heritage in official documents (like the Census), they are the only demographic that states “American,” and not whatever land their forefathers are from.

  7. max

    Jesus did not say destroy the nation and kill your neighbors because you hate gays. Bush did. Jesus did not. The Bible belt needs a wake up call.

  8. I know people who voted repub solely on the tax issue – they did not want their taxes increased and they did not care about anything else. These are rich people. educated people [so I thought.]

  9. max

    So they voted to keep the same party in power that has left a quarter of the country out of work, many many families homeless, has sacked the financial district to the point retirement funds are cut in half or gone altogether, banks right and left are failing, not to mention this is the party that advocates torture and incarceration without charges or representation, and is financing a war and a secret police force on the backs of the American people for the sole purpose of lining the pockets of a few oil tycoons while American soldiers die on foreign soil to protect those financial interests?

    Nice people. Who, if that party stayed in power, would not even have to worry about paying higher taxes because with the banks and wall street failing and a good portion of the citizenry out of work and homeless, will be too poor to merit higher income bracket status that requires higher taxes. Or do they really think their finances are autonomous and not impacted by the financial straights in the rest of the nation and the overwhelming deficit the country is facing today?

  10. All a lot of wealthy people care about is tax, income tax and especially the capital gains tax. They should also be concerned about a President Palin starting a nuclear war with Russia over Georgia. Being incinerated can have a deleterious effect on your savings too. One-issue wonders is what I call these people, just like the pro-lifers. At least the latter is based on something more than greed.

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