the enemy isn't overseas, the enemy is at home




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  1. Reginald Muhl

    I understand what this man went through. I was in Viet Nam. I would bet that many of WWI, WWII, Korea, and all other wars have felt what this man feels. What he says may be true, some of what he says is twisted, and I wonder who helped him write this. Dose he know that the very ppl he feels sorry for would slit him open with no pity for him. It is their leaders who cause them to fight, and their leaders have their own agenda just as do our leaders. These agendas are not necessarily just!

  2. nothings

    Yeah, it’s crazy.

    My personal crusade is Guantanamo: every time we release some apparently innocent people from guantanamo, they claim that those that are left are “the worst of the worst”… and then six months later they let some more men go, presumably innocent (we have a lot of prisoners whose only reason for being there is that an afghan warlord turned him in as a terrorist… for cash). In a week we will hit the 3000 day mark. 3000 days that maybe we’ve had some innocent guy locked up. 3000 *days*. Imagine counting off those days, one by one, doing nothing.

    But it’s all kind of of a piece, and that’s a good video about that side of it.

  3. Yaaaaa Max. Stolen! Blogged!

    Thank you for the wake-up call. I have been sound asleep for so long. It is time I started working for the world again.

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  6. Shelly

    He’s saying some basic and very humanitarian things about an unjust war – whether or not the enemy would slit him open. In fact, that argument is the very type that has kept the arm’s race and the military well oiled.

  7. Yup, that pretty much sums it up. The question is, what do you as US citizens actually do about? What do any of us do?

  8. max

    Well I voted for a president who promised to close Guantanamo, de-escalate military action and bring troops home. That’s not happening. So good question. Now what do I do?

  9. Max: No easy answer. Thoreau thought the most effective way to resist the US state was to stop paying taxes. But that has ramifications. Howard Zinn, who just passed, seemed to think that the only way the government/power structure ever changed was when people organized, protested, struggled and suffered (c.f. A People’s History of the United States).

  10. Eddie

    While I disagree* with many of your political beliefs, Max, I am glad to see that you stick with them even with “your guy” now in the White House.

    I think all Americans want what’s best for our country, even if we disagree on what best is. As a conservative leaning independent, nothing sickens me more than hard-core Democrats and Republicans, so caught up in trying to “win”, that losing becomes inevitable. We lose our ability to discuss issues, wherein we often find our common ground and what’s really at stake, and that neither side is going to give us what we really want.

    *We agree on some stuff too. :-)

  11. max

    Oh I am surprised any conservatives stick around or visit. I am pretty hard core. [smile] Then again, I manage to upset liberals and progressives too because I disagree strongly with many things Obama is doing — and not doing. :::sigh:::

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