the elephant statues


I have —

Little elephant statues. They are black, and metal, and have raised trunks. They are about two inches tall.

Really they are name tag holders for a fancy dinner. I saw them in a store one time. There were four of them in a little box, roaring away with their trunks raised up. I took them home.

I do not have fancy dinners that require name tags at place settings so they never do dinners. Mostly they sit on little shelves where they can roar just for fun.

These days they live on the kitchen counter. They are a herd of elephants now. And they roar at toast.


where the art work comes from :
that is from delphines

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  1. I saw these drink stirrers on clearance, glass rods with pink elephants in all these silly poses. I had to have them although at the time I didn’t know what they were for. Through the years they have gotten chipped because I just put them in the drawer with the flatware. I don’t think we used them one single time. I just bought them for pure entertainment value.

  2. max

    That is funny. I have little glass flamingo drink stirrers I have never used to stir a drink but seeing them makes me happy.

  3. brut

    All this talk about drink stirrers is getting me thirsty. Unfortunately it is Sunday and there is not a drop of vodka in the house. (Govt. controlled liquor stores.) Otherwise, under the influence, it would be fun to psychoanalyze the sudden shift from dating rare bottle cap collector, et al., through the world financial crises and on to a herd of little toast loving elephants on the kitchen counter… and unused pink flamingos. Man, I wish I had a 40 ouncer now.

  4. I have my Pez dispensers lined up by my computer.
    My husband thinks its freaky having those little plastic faces watching him while he works..


    You know…mission accomplished.

  5. max

    Wow, he finds the Pez heads more disturbing than the other heads?

  6. Elephants bring good luck and good fortune.

    I have these bright red chopsticks that make me feel powerful when I plunge them deeply into an overflowing bowl of order in Chinese. Sometimes I fantasize I stick ’em through someone’s eyeballs when they make me mad and then I smile, wipe them down, and continue eating.

    The eating utensils aren’t unique, however, score one for the fantasy.

  7. I don’t keep the shrunken heads in my computer room- I keep them in my kitchen.

    By the spice rack.

    The laws of weird don’t apply in my house anymore.

    I s’ppose.

  8. I’d love to see the inside of Animar’s house.

  9. max

    I fear the inside of Anita’s house.

  10. “They are a herd of elephants now. And they roar at toast.:

    And rightfully so.

  11. max

    The elephants know it is all about the toast.

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