the demon russian strikes


netsSo there I am innocently enjoying randomness —

At Solnushka’s. Feeling all smug Solnushka is tagged and has to come up with eight random things and I do not have to come up with anything random I am even feeling mildly sympathetic and also admiring her whimsy when WHAMMO danger words appear —

“I tag Max.”

There is a link. I check it. It is not some other Max. It is me. I am tagged.

[Damn. You. Solnushka.]

The tag is: Eight Random Things.

You know random is hard right?

It does not say random about me though. It just says random. That or I was not paying enough attention. Which could happen. Here are eight random things —

1. A dog lives next door. The dog gets lonely sometimes. But it is a nice dog. It does not howl. It just woofs the lonely woof. Once. Maybe twice. When it is happy it plays. I can hear it playing, chasing something. I do not mind hearing a dog do a lonely woof and I really like hearing a dog play.

2. A cat lives downstairs in a corner unit. Usually I see the cat in the window above the glass wall/windows when I am coming in through the alley in back. Mark does not think I should use the alley. He calls it Murder Alley because a guy got killed there a while back. I only use that alley during the day.

3. Marilyn Monroe’s star is at Highland and Hollywood Blvd. Sometimes I walk past it. She lived with my grandmother back when she was a kid and just Norma Jean and my grandmother was a kid and just still alive.

4. There is a woman at the Hollywood post office who always talks to people too much which holds up the line. She is so nice though you sort of cannot get mad about it. She is even nice to total assholes who are trying to be rude but she is so nice it does not work out and they end up being polite back.

5. Big Bird has a star at Sycamore and Hollywood Blvd. I sort of disapprove of the concept of Big Bird having a star in general. Marilyn should not have to share status with a seven foot tall nurf puppet.

6. The cashier at the Hollywood Rite Aid got hit by a bus. Interestingly, that did not do her a whole lot of harm. Some harm. She was sore. But still walking and talking and also doing the cashier thing. Usually if a bus hits you you are toast. I think maybe she is blessed.

7. The Hollywood Rite Aid is not actually a Rite Aid any more. It is now CVS. Probably CVS would be mad I am calling CVS “Rite Aid.” Probably CVS would be more mad if they knew the reason their shrubs do not thrive is I dropped off all my mystery snails in their greenery.

8. The last undergarments I bought [this was really what all this was about, right?, someone wanted to know the color of my underwear?] were Pinks low rider hipster cotton briefs from Victoria’s Secret. They are white with a little white dog in a pink circle. You get a deal if you buy five at a time.

Why eight, I wonder?

Oh yeah. I tag….

Stilletto, Anita Marie, Jen, Vanessa, Sulya, Miss Pants, Toni, Woeful, Firm, and Valliant.

[ps : okay now i am really annoyed not only can i not post on my own damn site without my posts being sent to spam, forget posting on any other site, now my damn block quotes do not work either — formatting chagrin to ensue and there will be hitting and yelling make popcorn]

[pps : now the blockquotes work i wonder if they will take me out of the spam box any time soon]

38 Responses to the demon russian strikes

  1. Humm… I’m having no such WordPress problems like so many it seems are having. That said, a few weeks back my hard drive went kaboom, and I was not a happy blogger :P

    I’ll be pondering randomness and post soon…

  2. Love #3 – are there any pics? and about #5 – puppets can be sexy, no?

    Cute undies, by the way lol

    Well, I’m saved by the gym which means I can’t do this now — but I promise I will not mull over it while I’m away!

    BTW, why did you have to put my name first? Was that a random thought, too? “Tag Stiletto first because she stresses hard over these things.”

    PS How does someone get hit by a bus? She is damn lucky to be around.

  3. So do you sleep topless? lol

  4. max

    You are the most fun because you stress over these things. I am evil. And not telling how I sleep.

  5. Everything’s fine at my end, too.

    EIGHT things. Blimey, they’re askiing a bit much these days…

    I went down the “me” road. Force of habit.

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  7. Yah, the undies are cute. Odd that we don’t have Victoria’s Secret in Australia.

  8. max

    It cracks me up Spiffy can open the fridge. Spiffy must lift weights.

  9. max

    Oh. My. God. A comment just posted instead of going to spam. YAY!

  10. I catch him doing push ups when he thinks I’m not looking. Chin ups on the odd occasion, too.

    Spiffy has the spirit of perseverence.

  11. There’s a real negative stigma with the whole phrase “Got hit by a bus.” My older brother got hit by a bus when he was five and after several months of hospital he turned out mildly alright.

  12. sulya

    I know not of this tagging thing. Though I suspect it means I must go to my own blog and do as you did with the eight random things…

    I had work to do dammit.

    But here I go [smile]

  13. max

    Wow you figured out tagging a lot faster than I did. I was lost in the forest without bread crumbs for days.

  14. Grandma knew Marilyn? That is so cool.

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  16. max

    Well it was probably not all that cool for Marilyn. She got fostered out because her mother was not very stable so she lived with my grandmother’s family for a while.

  17. my blockquotes are in a wad tonight too. dunno what’s up with wordpress these days.

    had to recode every other bloody line an half of them glitched anyway.

    and, yeah, akismet eats my comments too. it will probably eat this one. on the up side, things i mark spam vanish okay . . . but then posts by the same spammer come right on through.

    oh, and thanks for not tagging me!

    :mrgreen: -yer so sweeet

  18. sulya

    The novel “Blonde” by Joyce Carol Oates is, for me, the most memorable look at Marilyn Monroe that I’ve ever encountered. It sticks and then lingers. For years. She makes no bones about it’s being fiction but, for all that it makes no claims at biography, it smacks of a completely believable, and agonizing, reality.

    Incidentally, while I’ve never been a Big Bird fan I am a fan of Jim Henson/the muppets and even if Big Bird is singularly irritating (which he is) the man who plays him and Oscar the Grouch (Caroll Spinney) has been doing so since Sesame Street began in the 60s.

    I’m not saying that putting a puppet bird in the same league as Marilyn is right, I’m just putting a word in for the endurance of the yellow bird mutant and the man who makes him live.

  19. aj

    I saw this title and straight away thought of that rusky spammer from your forum with his 521 ways to “keep it up” by simply consuming one of his many pharmecutical products.

  20. max

    That guy is probably still out there lurking. I have tried to open the forum back up twice and every time he pounces.

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  22. It seems entirely worng for Marilyn to be contamprary with anyone’s Grandma, but at least it was yours, Max.

    Splendidly good effort at playing along there with the underwear revelations. That’s the ticket.

  23. Here they are – just eight little things about me that popped into my head. Go ahead and laugh -it’s on me plus it was fun…thanks for tagging me Max.

    1. When I was eight my Second Grade Teacher Mrs Lee caught me playing with this plastic giraffe. She grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head and then jerked my head from left to right. After she did that banged my head down onto my desk I remember feeling really bad because she only did that to the bad kids and I didn’t think I was a bad kid. In fact when she was done, I thought I was going to get sent to the Principal’s office.

    2. I don’t like the sound of food frying.

    3. I think Reality TV is Satan’s Vomit.

    4. I’ve written stories about ghosts that I’ve seen and about weird places that I’ve been too and really odd people I’ve met and then I make it sound like fiction. I’m such a coward.

    5. I think it’s funny when my husband does political work because all of the sudden the same ISP’s from our area show up and SOMEONE crawls through my entire blog page by page. My own Mother doesn’t do that- Hell I don’t even do that!

    6. My favorite color is red but I tell people it’s pink. It’s so sweet when their faces scrunch up and they say, ” Pink? Really? ”

    7. When my Sister was 5 and I was 8 she had a dream that her Baby Alive Doll came to life and tried to kill her. So she put Baby Alive in her closet and buried her under a bunch of clothes. Every night I’d go into her closet and take Baby Alive out and sit her on the foot of my Sister’s bed so that was the first thing she’d see when she woke up. I’m so grateful that after years of ME my Sister will admitt to people we’re actually related.

    8. I’ve almost been hit by lighting twice. The first time this tree I was standing next to got zapped and I was afraid of the tree for years. In fact, I was glad when they cut it down. The second time was when I was in Iowa- to this day when I look in a certain direction it looks like I’m looking through a kaleidoscope- really.

  24. max

    “Every night I’d go into her closet and take Baby Alive out and sit her on the foot of my Sister’s bed so that was the first thing she’d see when she woke up.”

    [on floor]

  25. Mrs. Lee has issues, AM, not your fault. You can let go now lol

    #7 – Cruel but deliciously so.

    Satan’s vomit? lol

  26. I hadn’t that about Mrs Lee in ages, but I still have that little toy- and the only thing funnier then the Baby Alive Incident is that my sister actually blamed my brother for that and I let her- it was like a two for one smack down.

    Satan’s Vomit and Devil’s Hang Nails- don’t ask me where I got those from but I’ve been saying them for years.

    Wow, I could have got 9 things on that tag!

  27. Two for one smackdown..most excellent!

  28. What I want to know is what you were doing to that poor giraffe.

  29. You’re kidding, right?

  30. Ah. I don’t want to know, obviously.

    *backs very slowly away*

  31. max

    The giraffe lived.

  32. Of course it did-
    Wow, I had no idea I would look like the heartless weirdo!

  33. max

    Oh quit it you do not look like a heartless weirdo.

  34. Okay I’ll say it…I do have a heart.
    Sorry, even I couldn’t let that one go by.

  35. max

    Yes you do, Tin Man.

  36. Oh. Well. If the giraffe lived.

    *stops backing away. Tries to appear as though she had never started.*

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