the damn herring


herring_mit_catOkay there is a story —

Behind this photo.

I lost a Monty Python challenge.

More specifically —

A Holy Grail Challenge.

[Oh the chagrin.]

The bet was a herring.

And there it is : Cat Mit Herring.

[Cool photo right?]

Love and Kisses,

Your Chagrined and Foiled Adams Girl


ps : i did win diamonds and an orchid before i lost a shrubbery and herring so probably i am ahead i think i was sandbagged though

pps : there are no damn herring aps


where the art work comes from :
that is from smart marmot

0 Responses to the damn herring

  1. that is indeed a cool photo.

  2. Sarah

    Good thing you didn’t lose to salmon mousse. That shit’ll kill you.

  3. Fishes? I have no idea what I’m reading here… It might be the Tanqueray? Or the fact that it’s supposed to bottom out near zero degrees here soon…

  4. max

    It is month o’ the fish Woe.

  5. That cat seems awfully indifferent to such a fine herring.

  6. max

    Clearly that cat is holding out for toast.

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