the crest of the wave


sheep_benchSo the building manager —

Called yesterday and left a message he needed to come over today.

With most tenants that just means letting someone know you are coming and need access. With me it means I need to be sort of presentable. The time he said he would show was between 10 am and 12 noon. I left him a message, I will be here.

My work is when I have it and when I do it, and when I have and need to do a lot of work I do a lot. [When I have no work I play a lot of Tetrizz. Oops.] Right now I have a lot to do. Enough to do so that I did not actually break off till 8 am. At which point, what was I going to do, sleep 2 hours and stumble up for the manager guy?

So, I just went and did other work. 10 am rolled around. No manager guy. So I went and did other work. 12 noon. No manager guy. At which point I thought maybe I was too brain dead to do more work and I went and spoofed on facebook.

At 1 pm I called and said, Hey manager guy, I just pulled an all nighter and you are an hour late and I am about to keel.

He said, Be there in 5 minutes. And he was. And he and a savvy technician guy showed and did something to the garbage disposal with myriad fancy tools only manager and savvy technican guys with myriad fancy tools can do.

The problem is.

It is now 2 pm. And I am beyond sleep. Insomnicacs know this place. Where you keep going and keep going and hit the sleep wall and if you keep going past that? You are out of luck till the next crest. It is like you just crested a huge wave at sea body surfing head on into that you had no business making it through but somehow you did make it through and now you are on the other side and not going anywhere till another big wave comes?

That crest.

I did two of those crests last night.

And one this morning.

And am not going anywhere till another one hits.

Wow tonight is not going to be pretty.


[also, aj, where is the green curl? damn, no other photo is that good and you pulled it you are in so much trouble]

[also if there are mad cap typos in here i have mad sleep deprivation that is not my fault :::grrr:::]


where the art work comes from :
that is from r and b

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  1. Deprivation of sleep may kill one to death, also.

    [Besides wasting her good complexion, that is.]


  2. forkboy1965


    When the trough finally comes I hope you sleep the sleep of the dead.

    But wake up…of course.

  3. max

    I slept. A long time. Till after noon. Yay!

  4. I tend to do that when I “go there”, or when I just procrastinate to the last second. But I suppose that’s the beauty of the all-nighter: you can’t really procrastinate at 3am whether you want to or not. Last script I wrote, the first draft was 165 pages, took me 8 days, out of which I might’ve slept a total of 10 hours.

    Then I was arrested outside a 7-11 at La Cienega & Olympic at 4am, nude aside from a pair of argyle socks and a shoe, carrying a Super Big Gulp cup half full of two day-old coffee, mumbling incoherently something about saving a cat.

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