the couple obnoxia card : part ii


shoe addictPeople playing —

The couple obnoxia card alway gets me in all kinds of grief.

I have sort of this smart mouth and whenever someone pulls the couple obnoxia card on me my mouth before I know what is up blurts out things like, “Um, you were passed out drunk on the men’s room floor when you met him and he is sexually dysfunctional do you really want to play the couple card here?”

That just never goes well.


:::couple obnoxia i:::
:::couple obnoxia ii:::


where the art work comes from :
that is shoe addict by dorszi

0 Responses to the couple obnoxia card : part ii

  1. The only card I ever play is to sit or stand by quietly and blankly and think to myself: “Thank god I’m not divorced, thank god I’m not divorced . . . .”

  2. Dan

    I can’t even think of the number of times me smart mouth has gotten me into couple-related trouble. I say just embrace your gift and go with it.

  3. Dan

    Obviously, when I said “me” I meant “my”.


  4. max

    LOL — good protocol, Frontier.

    Dan, I thought that had a nice Irish flair to it.

  5. Dan

    Thanks, but I’m too far removed from County Cork to pull it off.

  6. Couldn’t agree more, Max – I have a general policy of not talking to anyone either recently in or out of love. Might just as well talk to a sad or happy painting.

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