the couple obnoxia card : part i


shoe addictHave you noticed —

This weird thing happens to some people when they become part of a couple. Not all people but enough it is disturbing. I do not even know what to call it, the smug switch? Perfectly cool fun to be with people hook up with someone and this switch flips in their brains and suddenly they are not fun or cool they are RELATIONSHIP EXPERTS and totally condescending and smug and rude to anyone single.

What is up with that?


:::couple obnoxia i:::
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where the art work comes from :
that is shoe addict by dorszi

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  1. Dan

    Scientists have connected this to the same genetic anomaly that turns some former-smokers into frenzied anti-smoking zealots. I think it’s called the “Jackass Divide.”

  2. Or even worse… New parents.

  3. YES! Who isn’t sick of it? All my friends do this to me. I try my best not to do that once I hook up and I vow not to do if I ever get married again, even if it’s to Sean Bean.

    [Ok, but you would understand if I were married to Mr Bean why I might not be able to return a call immediately, right?]

    @Woeful – true!

  4. max

    New parents can get really obnoxious. On one hand I sort of understand, having a baby has got to be pretty overwhelming, but, um, pretty much since the beginning of time people have been having babies.

    Stil, if you marry Sean Bean, I will so understand.

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  6. I have a theory that explains this: the law of conservation of charm. It means that when two people get together they don’t add their charmingness together; they average it. Thus, when a person X amount charming gets together with a person X+2 amount charming, they as a couple are only X+1 charming.

    Furthermore, the charm quotient is transferrable between them, so if one is being an angel the other is a festering carbuncle on the ass of Satan. And tomorrow, they could switch it around.

    Did I ever explain the law of parent-child IQ equivalence? Some day I shall. And then you will be sorry.

  7. max

    Whoa. Charm math.

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