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After exhaustive study, and this is no small thing, being new to Texas and having to bone up on everything as a noob, and knowing full well I am a noob so may be making some glaring errors — point it out please before Tuesday if I am — I have come to conclusions about Republican candidates in upcoming primaries.

It’s important to do this because voting is next Tuesday and I figure it doesn’t do a whole hell of a lot of good to send someone to Washington as president if you don’t also send other people to DC that will back him up. And that means state support too. Because one of the big conflicts between federal and state government is the clash of federal power with state power. Don’t believe me? Look at all those medical marijuana facilities getting raided by the feds. Cancer patients can do medical marijuana in California, according to California state law. But the feds keep breaking down doors anyway. Not to mention since I’m shoving for a return of state power, well, maybe I better get cracking on what’s happening in the state. Sheesh. So many politics. So little time.



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President: Ron Paul.

United States Senator: Glenn Addison: Addison’s the one guy staunchly in favor of constitutional rights. Like, not getting beat to shit when you peacefully protest and not getting thrown in jail for the rest of your life without charges or a lawyer or a trial. He’s anti-war. And he’s the one guy vocally supporting Ron Paul.

District 10 Rep: Eddie Traylor. Technically Traylor is not good. But his opposition is Michael McCaul. McCaul=CISPA. Throw that bastard out and vote Traylor.

District 17 Rep: George Hindman. I don’t really like Hindman either, he appears to be pro war. But he’s good on the Constitution and protecting citizen’s rights and his opposition is Bill Flores. Flores supports NDAA. Throw that bastard out and vote Hindman in.

District 21 Rep: Richard Morgan. Richard Morgan is all good. Yay! Also one of his opposers is Lamar Smith. Lamar Smith=CISPA. Vote that bastard out and vote Richard Morgan in.

District 25 Rep: Uncommitted. I can’t find anyone with any redeaming qualities running in this one. Several of them are flat out bad, and a couple of them I just can’t find info on online. Sorry District 25. You guys are screwed unless you come up with a write in candidate.

District 35 Rep: Rob Roark. Rob Roark is all good. Yay!

Railroad Commissioner: Becky Berger. Becky Berger has the smartest, most well written explanation and justification for why she should be the Railroad Commissioner. She’s also the best educated and qualified by her background. And she’s not a career politician, a lawyer, or one of Rick Perry’s appointees. [As far as I am concerned, if you are one of Rick Perry’s people? That is a black mark.]

Railroad Commissioner Unexpired Term: Barry Smitherton. This is really a default choice because Elizabeth Murray-Kolb appears pro-fracking [wtf!] and the other two guys look bad. So Smitherton is one of those “do the least damage” choices.

Place 2 Justice Supreme Court: Steve Smith
. Steve Smith gets a star from me and his opposition Don Willett is a Bush/Perry crony. Vote that bastard out and vote Steve Smith in.

Place 4 Justice Supreme Court: Uncommitted. David Medina is a Perry person. John Devine looks bad. And I can’t find anything about Joe Pool Jr. online to give me much of an idea about him.

Place 6 Justice Supreme Court: Nathan Hecht. He’s running unopposed and looks okay.

Presiding Judge Court of Criminal Appeals: Uncommitted. Sharon Keller is running unopposed. There’s a lot of nasty baggage here, going back to an appeal she refused to look at, saying, “We close at 5.” Granted, the guy being appealed for by his attorneys appears to have been a real monster who had already lost two appeals, but this sort of response is not necessarily what you want sitting on the bench if your loved one, or you, are on death row.

Place 7 Judge Court of Criminal Appeals: Barbara Parker Hervey. Running unopposed. Looks okay.

Place 8 Court of Criminal Appeals: Elsa Alcala. Running unopposed. Looks okay. You should check out this woman’s back story too. It’s pretty amazing.

District 5 Member State Board of Education: Steve Salyer. Steve Salyer gets a star from me.

District 10 Member State Board of Education: Rebecca Osborne. She’s a teacher, she’s very well educated with a PhD, she’s strongly involved and very pro the students. She gets a star from me.

District 14 State Senator: Uncommitted. Guy Fielder is running unopposed and I just can’t find enough information on him online to form an opinion there. Sorry Fielder, might want to work on that internet presence.

District 21 State Senator: Grant Rostig. Grant’s a Ron Paul supporter. Yay!

District 24 State Senator: Uncommitted. Troy Fraser is a natural resources guy and I couldn’t find info much outside of that on the guy.

District 25 State Senator: Anyone but Jeff Wentworth. Seriously. The guy was a spook, a lawyer, and now looks like a careerist politician. That’s not a good combo. His opposition is Donna Campbell, who looked bad, and Elizabeth Ames Jones who pretty much wins by default not because she’s good, she isn’t, but because she’s the least bad. But looks pretty establishment generic which is, well, bad. Dear District 25: You need a write in.

District 47 State Representative: Paul Workman. He is anti NDAA, which is good, though he looks a little gun rabid. Oh well. This IS Texas. Everyone is gun rabid. His opposition is Ryan Downtown who is seriously establishment. Establishment status quo is bad. Vote that bastard out and vote Paul Workman in.

District 48 State Representative: Robert Thomas
. Robert Thomas is firmly anti-NDAA. Though tragically I have lost the link that demonstrates that. Oops. Also running unopposed.

Place 2 Justice 3rd Court of Appeals: Jeff Rose. Running unopposed. Looks okay.

Place 3 Justice 3rd Court of Appeals: Madeleine Connor
. She looks solid and her opposition Scott Field doesn’t.

Place 5 Justice 3rd Court of Appeals: Uncommitted. David Puryear is running unopposed there. Just couldn’t find enough on him to make a solid estimation.

Place 6 Justice 3rd Court of Appeals: Bob Pemberton
. Bob Pemberton looks all good. Yay!

Sheriff: Raymond Frank. Frank is a Ron Paul guy. Yay! He also says he is against the misuse of tasers. Double yay!

County Tax Assessor-Collector: Vik Vad. He’s running unopposed. He seems okay.

Precinct 3 County Commissioner: Ira Yates. It took a lot of digging to find info on Ira Yates and I was kind of despairing and then I found info and bam, he got a star for massive expertise and hands on personal and professional experience.

Precinct 2 Constable: Toby Miller. He wins because he looks okay and his opposition Harrera appears pro war on drugs. Ugh.

Precinct 3 Constable: J Miller. He wins because I can’t find much on his opposition and he’s got a long track record in law enforcement that looks decent and he’s also done lots with K9 units. [I trust dog people over most other people. Right or wrong, it’s a character fluke. Sorry.]

There are four issues on the ballot. I’m for school choice, for repealing the mandatory purchase of health insurance that’s unconstitutional, for prohibiting government restriction of public prayer, not because I’m big on public prayer but because I think it’s a freedom of speech issue and I’m pro freedom of speech. I’m still studying this balanced budget thing and don’t know much about what that’s about. And I don’t know much about this redistricting issue. Though historically, redistricting is usually an establishment tool used to disenfranchise opposition so I’m not big on it generally. But I have to study more.

So that’s it. The cheat sheet to date. Do with it what you will.


Love and Kisses,

Your See You At The Polls Adams Girl


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