the cool giraffe


You guys have to go see AJ’s totally cool giraffe. This is probably the coolest giraffe photo I have ever seen.


:::cool giraffe photo:::


0 Responses to the cool giraffe

  1. Dan

    Say…that is a pretty cool giraffe.

    I bet he’s a hit with the ladies.

  2. max

    He is a hit with me, but not really that way.

  3. Dan

    All that matters is he’s a hit with you. What more could a man ask for?

  4. max

    Aww. Thanks you. Smooch!

  5. That is a great pic. Love it.

  6. For moment I was filled with purest joy over finally being granted my long deserved Giraffe…then I realized you meant the other A.J…and sadness descended on my kingdom.

  7. max

    Oh noes! But you still have the best wedding dress photos.

  8. It’s the only thing keeping my head out of the oven.

  9. max

    Well you are a beautiful bride.

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