the camera dilemma : part ii





I need a project.


Kym did a one photo a day project and that got her really using her camera and experimenting with it and now she is doing shots so good I think she should be putting out prints for sale [which she will not do because she is STUBBORN] but I am thinking maybe I should think about something like that. A photo a day. Or maybe —


I could do a specific idea. A photo essay.




My second father did this amazing photo essay one time it featured Barbie in a whole bunch of disasters and I remember thinking it was one of the funniest things I had ever seen – ironically not really seen I never saw a photo from that essay he just described the concept to me and the shots he was planning and I was laughing harder than angels at this concept of Barbie disasters so it is alive in my head still and I see the images so clearly, partly because I just know his camera work and partly because he described those shots really really well.


Okay. Photo essay. I could do that. I just need a concept that makes me happy and amused in a big big way. Like Max & Cow did when I was learning Flash. Hmm.


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  1. forkboy1965

    Might I recommend the following:

    I’m considering doing it myself. (I’m considering it myself and I’m pretty much the classic example of an amateur photographer – even if I am a great lover/spy by night)

  2. Dan

    Oh my god! I love Max & Cow!!

  3. max

    You had not seen Max & Cow before? That was more fun. I had seven episodes planned but got interrupted I am a little sorry I never finished them.

  4. max

    Wow, Fork, that looks like sort of more of a commitment than I can really make right now.

  5. Dan

    Nope. First time. I have to admit, it tickles me whenever Cow says “Moo.” It made my night.

  6. max

    Cow has her own zen advice column in the forum.

  7. Dan

    I had no idea she spoke Spanish.

  8. Kym

    I think you should do self portraits.

  9. max

    Wow that is stealthy Kym. I would need a tripod and timer though.

    Dan, Cow is so multilingual.

  10. I’m feeling so unloved at the moment…


  11. max

    There there you are a big strong man you will be fine.

  12. Ben

    Uh, Max… I have to admit I never did the Barbie project but it was a good idea and I dunno what happened. I probably got divorced.

  13. max

    It is a great idea you should still do it.

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