the camera dilemma : part i





I have to start using this camera.


I love having the camera and I have played with it some, but just shooting things around the apartment to get a feel for it. But I have not really been “using” using it.


If I still had dogs I would be all over this camera I used to take photos of the dogs like a ninja. But.


No dogs.





where the art work comes from :
i do not know who to photo credit for the
chaplin photos — those are snaps i took of
the chaplin photo if anyone does know email me

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  1. Taking photos is like any art, you have to be in the mood for it.
    It’ll come.

    If you want to just practice so you can learn all the features, take the card out and shoot that way. You won’t have to delete any photos.

    Sure as shit though, you’ll take THE Photo of your lifetime when you don’t have a card in there. So it’s risky.

  2. max

    I think just too many things are hitting me. I have birthday gift boxes lining the doorway I have not even opened. One of them is a sewing machine. I was so looking forward to that too. And I have not even opened the box. I will catch up. My father dying just sort of knocked me out.

  3. Take a picture of the as yet unopened gifts. It’s a start…..

    And don’t let yourself get bullied into this “You should take at least one picture every day,” thing. A number of folks like this idea as they believe it increases the chances that they will start taking better pictures. I think taking better pictures is more a frame of mind than a I’ve-got-to-do-it thing.

    For what it’s worth….

  4. max

    That is funny Fork the next post on this was going to be about a project or photo a day thing.

  5. Ben

    Max … I pack a little camera and use it a lot. Often, I take pictures of pictures just as you have done. The computer is cleaner and less work than my old darkroom but I miss the magic of an image coming up in the red light.

  6. max

    I miss that too. There is something magic about that red light and darkness and an image coming to life on plain paper in a solution — and the time. Time stretched out in a dark room like it could be bent and tasted and spread on toast.

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