the boys outside



silent roomMy friend and I —

Are going to a movie. She is picking me up. I trot out to the car. There are men standing in a group outside the building. About eight of them. Large, hard, scarred, tattoed and pierced. My friend eyes them as we pull away.

She says, They are scary.

I say, Oh them, yes, those are my neighbors.


where the art work comes from :
that is the silent room version one by chaovsky

14 Responses to the boys outside

  1. Kym

    Max, Mostly I just enjoy your vignettes but sometimes the pacing or the way you evoke a scene in so few words strikes me.

    You are a damn good writer.

  2. bletebzz

    i can just see them whispering about you as well. i am pretty sure you already have the reputation of a “toughie” in the neighbourhood.

  3. max

    Thank you Miss Kym.

    Blete, in this neighborhood? Toughie? Me? Probably not. LOL

  4. My neighbor, “Max,” is moving. His master put a For Sale sign in the yard and I’m angst filled. I like Max. He chases a tennis ball on warm summer evenings. He lets me scratch his nose. I hope my new neighbors aren’t large, hard, scarred, coughing, up-all-night weirdos. That would be a bummer.

  5. max

    Oh that is sad. I often have stronger ties and relationships to neighbors’ animals than I do to the actual neighbors.

  6. “Large, hard, scarred, tattoed and pierced”

    Hey -wait a minute – you been holding out or what? I was at your place and so NO signs of Nikki Sixx…

  7. Beauty – definitely in the eye of the beholder.

  8. max

    These guys are new additions that showed up around the same time as The Cougher. And they are not Upstairs Guy or Faux Record Guy or Spidey Guy’s crew so, they are Cougher crew or a new crew that took another unit at the same time as Cougher.

  9. max

    [you do not want to date these guys]

  10. There’s no way in hell those guys are going to bring you any cookies or borrow a cup of sugar.

    Cookie time can’t come soon enough, huh?

    What did you go see at the movies?

  11. max

    We saw Eastern Promises — that is the movie I put an unscheduled Viggo/Rain taunt up for. [Rain loves Viggo.] It is a real good movie. Very unformulaic and interesting the way the story unfolds with strong direction and performances. Pretty violent though I am not sure I would take Sweatpea or Spanky to it. [Okay I know I would not take Sweatpea or Spanky to it but you are their parent and could make that call where I would say no way go talk to your father.]

  12. Yes, but you forgot the important part, Max – was Viggo ALL THAT?

  13. max

    Just what are you asking Miss Stiletto?

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